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The Superfans Present: The only Chicago Bears Mock Draft you'll need

If you're like us, you wait to read mock drafts until draft week. There's no point in checking out some schlub's mock draft a few months prior to the draft. Things change. And besides, why bother with any of those mocks, when the best is right here, courtesy of the Superfans.

Justin Edmonds

Some Chicago Bears fans have voiced their displeasure with the extra two weeks before the NFL Draft, but not us. We've taken the extra time to devote ourselves even further to scouting prospects for the upcoming draft. I've drug out my extensive catalog of draft guides. We've poured over Todd's collection of Betamax and VHS tapes. Pat has brung us his grandfathers 16mm collection of various films for our perusement. My brother Bob has hipped us to his DVD collection, and Carl, who is always on the cutting edge of new technology, has us checking out the "You Tube" on his laptop.

I think it's safe to say, when it comes to the Chicago Bears and the NFL Draft, and the former's needs whilst at the later, we got it covered like grilled onions slathered over a Maxwell Street Polish.

In our quest to remain as realistic as possible in our mocking, we're not gonna place a 1st round talent down in the sixth. Only dumbasses do that. We're sticking to our board, and to the estimated round grades we've compiled through our diligent work.


Yeah, we figured we'd get your attention by going away from the Bears obvious needs here in the 1st, but Butkus is too good a talent to pass up. We still feel that defensive tackle and safety are pressing needs, but we also believe a devastating Mike Backer could be the difference maker our boys need.

"Adding The premier middle linebacker to our revamped front four is like adding the sport pepper atop my Chicago style hot dog. Perfection begets perfection." ~ Carl Wollarski

"After adding some nastiness to the offensive side of the ball last year with the great Kyle Long, we needed to bolster the attitude of the Monsters Of The Midway by adding someone that would just as soon as rip off your head than shake your hand." ~ Bill Swerski

Ed.: Butkus was the first 1st round pick of the Bears in 1960, picked third overall, followed by their 4th pick, Gale Sayers. Those two were pretty good.


Brown is the type of hard hitting cerebral safety the Bears could use. He would be a day one starter at either the free or the strong spot.

The Bears have been searching for a quality safety since Mike Brown roamed their secondary from 2000-2008, so why not get another "Mike Brown" type? ~ Pat Arnold

I'll admit injuries are a concern, but this Bears team is built to win now, if they only get 100 games out of him in nine years then so be it." ~ Carl Wollarski

Ed.: Brown was a 2nd round pick in the 2000 draft, the same draft that produced Brian Urlacher. He played an even 100 games in his nine year Bears career.


After addressing safety in the 2nd, we figured we best hit on defensive tackle in the third, so we stuck to our board and nabbed the 6'2", 290 pound Golden Domer. His quick first step and pass rush skills impressed most of us.

"I wasn't on board with taking this Flanigan guy in the 3rd because Carl showed me this You Tube clip of a freak athlete jumping out of a pool and I was smitten. Mark my words Bears fans, Jarron Gilbert will be a far more productive pro than this kid from South Bend. " ~ Todd O'Connor

"Todd's an idiot." ~ Bob Swerski

Ed.: Flanigan was a third round pick of the Bears in 1994. Their top pick that year was John Thierry who went 11th overall and picked up 12.5 sacks in 28 starts over five years. Flanigan's 40.5 sacks is eighth all time in the history of the franchise.


There's just something about this Orton fella that screams winner to us. We think he's the perfect candidate to sit and groom under the learning tree of Marc Trestman.

"Orton seems like a guy we could all do a pub crawl with, and in my book, that's OK. Plus we really, really, really could use a developmental quarterback." ~ Bob Swerski

"Drafting developmental quarterbacks is a myth." ~ Sam Householder

"Sam's an idiot." ~ Bob Swerski

Ed.: Orton was a 4th rounder in 2005, the same year the Bears picked Cedric Benson with the 4th overall pick.


The Bears could use a reliable back up tailback and the speedy Galimore could fill the bill. "The Wisp" is one the the quickest, speediest players around, and he has the skill set to not only provide a change of pace, but to push Matt Forte for carries.

"Gallimore could stop, start, stop again, change direction, spin, and hit a juke move all whilst outrunning Deion Sanders in his prime." ~ Pat Arnold

Ed.: Gallimore was a 5th round pick by the Bears in 1956. His #28 jersey was retired after he was tragically killed in a car accident the summer before what would have been his 8th season in Chicago.


Yeah, we realize we already snagged our developmental guy, but at this point in the draft we feel it's best to stick with our board. Brown would not only push to back up at QB, but he's a very prolific punter. Worst case scenario, we just drafted our punter for the next 10 years. Best case scenario, we just drafted our punter for the next 10 years and he'll also back up at QB. That's what we in the football business call a win/win scenario.

"Ed Brown is on record of not being the biggest Jay Cutler fan, but at the end of the day, Ed is just a guy that really wants his team to win, and we can live with that." ~ Carl Wollarski

"Brown has that 'Get the Hell of my porch attitude', and I just love that kind of passion." ~ Bill Swerski

Ed.: This Ed Brown was the 6th round pick of the Bears in 1952. He started 66 games at QB for the Bears, and he punted 343 times during that time.


With Patrick Mannelly's career up in the air, drafting Patrick Mannelly is just logical. There's still a chance that the 39 year old Mannelly could rehab and make it back for a 17th season, but if not, Mannelly will provide some solid insurance. Mannelly is also solid o-line prospect, but it's his long snapping that could win him a roster spot. That is if Mannelly decides to hang em up.

"There's really only one man that could replace The Mann, and that man is The Mann." ~ Todd O'Connor

Ed.: Mannelly was the second 6th round pick (189 overall) of the Bears in the 1998 draft. That was the Curtis Enis draft (1st round, 5th overall), but also the Olin Kreutz draft (3rd round, 64th overall).

This is the time in the mock draft where our editor wants us to ask you how we did.

But we already know how we did.

We knocked it out of the park.

Now tell us how great this mock draft is.