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NFL Draft could be held even later in 2015

This is a bad idea on every level...


... a very bad idea.

I really, really hope that McGinn's sources were just messing with him.

The extra two weeks waiting for the NFL Draft have been brutal. From a fan's stand point, from the media's stand point, but most importantly from the players' stand point.

It's hard enough for a rookie to learn an NFL playbook as it is, but this season they'll receive them two weeks later that usual. If we are to believe the above tweet, next year it'll be even longer before they can get their hands on their new playbooks.

We were told the draft was moved back this year because of an already booked event at Radio City Music Hall. Some conspiracy theorists claim the draft was moved so the Kevin Costner film Draft Day would have the NFL buzz all to itself on opening weekend.

What ever the reason, it clearly was a bad idea.

Save for Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery saying he put the extra time to good use scouting potential free agents, I haven't heard any positive remarks on the later than usual draft.


In less stupid NFL news.

Rotating the draft makes so much sense. It should have been done years ago. It's also being reported that Arlington, Texas has requested to host the draft.

Besides Chicago, I think holding the draft in Canton at the Pro Football Hall Of Fame could be interesting.

It's also being reported that the four day draft is likely to happen next year. Round 1 on Thursday, round 2 on Friday, round 3 on Saturday and rounds 4-7 on Sunday.


For those of you wondering if the Bears would be on HBO's Hard Knocks, it looks like a few teams have already volunteered for the series. Since the Bears have expressed not wanting to do the show in the past, we can assume they won't be the featured team in 2015.


This shameless plug may interest some of you...

Tune in today at 1:10 Central for some of my Bears draft thoughts.