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You predict the 1st player that Phil Emery will pick

This is your chance to get it on record. We don't want to know whom you would select if you were drafting at 14 for the Chicago Bears, we want to know whom you think Phil Emery is taking.

Joe Robbins

We've read way too many mock drafts. We've checked out countless YouTube highlight clips. We've watched the NFL Combine. And we've had two extra weeks to do so! We're about as ready for the NFL Draft as the general managers themselves.

This is your official predict the pick thread.

Get on record the player that you think Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery will draft at 14. Or maybe you sense a trade coming, and Emery will be picking at a different spot. Regardless of the place, we want you to tell us the first player the Chicago Bears will select in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Here are the rules.

In the subject line of the comment section list only the name of the player you think the Bears will draft first.

If you want to utilize the message section of the comment to give us your reasoning then so be it.

What will you receive if you guess right? Bragging rights, of course. Well, that and there may or may not be a peppermint or two in your future.