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2014 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Pre-Party Open Thread

We're starting our Open Threads early this evening, so jump in below for all your live Pre-Party Open Thread fun!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's fun to analyze and debate, and to play armchair GM, but after a while, all of the pre-Draft hype tends to lose its luster.  Even the most diehard fans start getting antsy in the last stretch of days before the Draft finally kicks off.

But finally, we are here.  And it is going to be incredible.

Phil Emery gets to orchestrate his third full draft since being hired by Ted Phillips and the McCaskey family to lead the Chicago Bears, and while his previous two years have led to some raised eyebrows, overall he's proving to be one sharp cookie.

Will he trade up to grab an expected superstar, or trade down to collect more picks?  Will he make a 1st round selection that is so unexpected that Bears fans will be in an uproar until a Pro Bowl rookie season has been played?

So many questions, but at least the wait is now over.

Round 1 Open Thread will be live right before the opening bell, but until then, feel free to jump in below with your final thoughts and predictions.

This is your NFL Draft Pre-Party Open Thread... Have fun!