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Build-A-Chicago Bears All Time Roster Game

You have $20, seven position groups to fill, and 35 choices to choose from. Whom are you picking for your All Time Chicago Bears roster?

By now you've no doubt seen games like this flying around social medial. The first one I saw was the Create an NBA All-Time Starting Five with $15. Quick spoiler alert for that game, any team with Michael Jordan ($5) and Scottie Pippen ($1) would win. That's just pure basketball science.

Then I saw our sister site, Big Cat Country, do a similar game, but they were missing a couple position groups that are important in Chicago Bears lore.

So after some deep thought and an assist from our graphics guru David Taylor, we present for your amusement the Build-A-Chicago Bears All Time Roster Game!


$5 Sid Luckman -
Hall Of Fame Class Of 1965, most passing TDs Bears all time (137). Click for some History.
$4 Jay Cutler - Most passing yards in franchise history (14,913).
$3 Jim McMahon - SBXX winner, 46-15 winning record as a QB (Myth or Legend).
$2 Erik Kramer - Most single season yards (3,838) and TDs (29) in Bears history (1995).
$1 Kyle Orton - Captain Neckbeard.

$5 Walter Payton - The Greatest Football Player ever to lace 'em up.
$4 Gale Sayers - Hall Of Fame Class of 1977, scored six TDs in one game.
$3 Matt Forte - 2 time Pro Bowler, 2nd all time rushing yards (6,666), 3rd all time receptions (341).
$2 Rick Casares - 5 time Pro Bowler, league leading rusher in 1956 (234/1,126/12).
$1 Neal Anderson - 4 time Pro Bowler, 3rd all time Bears rusher (6,166). Link

$5 Brandon Marshall - 2012 season of 118 receptions 1,508 yards is most all time.
$4 Harlon Hill - 3 time Pro Bowler, 1954 ROY, 1955 NFL MVP (WCG History).
$3 Curtis Conway - 4th all time receptions (329), 5th all time yards (4,498).
$2 Dick Gordon - 2 time Pro Bowler led league in receptions in 1970 (71).
$1 Tom Waddle - Gritty fan favorite that is adorned onto Mt. Lunchpail.

$5 Alshon Jeffery - 2013 Pro Bowler, most receiving yards in a Bears game (249).
$4 Johnny Morris - Most receiving yards in Bears history (5,059), All Pro in 1964.
$3 Ken Kavanaugh - 2 time Pro Bowler, 13 TD catches in 1947 tied with Gordon for most ever.
$2 Marty Booker - Pro Bowl in 2002, 100 receptions in 2001.
$1 Willie Gault - He's Speedy Willie and he's as smooth as a chocolate swirl.

$5 Mike Ditka - Da Coach, Hall Of Fame Class of 1988, 1,076 receiving yards as a rookie in 1961.
$4 Martellus Bennett - Best TE since Ditka to don the Navy and Orange.
$3 Desmond Clark - Very underrated all around TE with 242 catches and 2,639 yards in 8 years.
$2 Greg Olsen - Good receiving TE that was traded for a pick that helped get Marshall.
$1 Emery Moorehead - Starting TE for the 85 SB team, 79 starts in 8 years.

I'd like to send a heartfelt apology out to the Moorehead family, I inadvertently spelled Emery's name wrong on the graphic above...

$5 1985 Bears - GREATEST TEAM EVER.
$4 1963 Bears - NFL Champs 11-1-2, starting secondary combined for 29 ints.
$3 1941 Bears - NFL Champs 10-1, The Monsters Of The Midway defenses in the 40s were fantastic.
$2 2006 Bears - NFC Champs, 13-3, Tommie Harris, Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher in their primes.
$1 1979 Bears - NFC Wildcard, 10-6, Buddy Ryan's 2nd year as DC, Dan Hampton's rookie year, Doug Buffone's final year and year three of the Hit Men safety tandem.

$5 Red Grange - The Galloping Ghost, Hall Of Fame Class of 1963.
$4 Devin Hester - Ridiculous record setting return man.
$3 George McAfee - Hall Of Fame Class of 1966, incredible two-way player nicknamed "One-Play McAfee".
$2 Dennis Gentry - "Pinky" was a returner, running back and wide out that played from 1982-1992.
$1 Patrick Mannelly - The Mann.

With the long and illustrious history of the Chicago Bears, there are plenty of other players I could have listed for this game but, for now, we're rolling with this group.

Be sure to share the game with your friends, family and Bears fans around the world!