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Just how bad have the Chicago Bears been at drafting?

Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery has been on the job for three seasons now. He's trying to build his team up with young talent acquired through the NFL Draft, like all good teams do. But how is he doing so far?

Jonathan Daniel

Shea McClellin, Kyle Long and Kyle Fuller.

Those are the three #1 draft picks from current Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery, and they are the only three #1 draft picks on the Bears' current roster that they drafted themselves.

That's the least amount of number one picks of all 32 teams in the NFL, and that's pretty sad. The highest amount of self-drafted #1s is 10 by the Minnesota Vikings, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers all checking in with 9 apiece.

SB Nation recently broke it all down in a handy chart that you can find right here, Which NFL team is best at building through the draft?

Part of the Bears' low number could be attributed to the regime change, and Emery simply wanting to acquire "his" guys. But an overall look at the chart paints a story of inept drafting. The man Emery replaced deserves some of the blame, but the jury is still out on Phil's picks too.

SB Nation's James Brady points out that the undrafted free agent numbers on his chart are high because we're at the point of the off season when teams are at 90 man rosters. But even with the UDFAs skewing the overall numbers, the Chicago Bears check in dead last with only 41 players that they picked up as rookies.

When Phil Emery talked about building up the quality of depth on his roster through the draft, this is why. There are far too few home grown (i.e. cheaper) players littering his roster. He has been forced to add veteran free agents during his three years in Chicago because former GM Jerry Angelo was swinging and missing far too often.

The first two days of the NFL Draft (rounds 1-3) you hope to hit on some players that can come in and contribute right away and be a part of your team for years to come. The Bears only have 12 players on their current roster that they drafted in these rounds. Only the New Orleans Saints (10), Oakland Raiders (10) and Philadelphia Eagles (11) have fewer. The second round has actually been the sweet spot for the Bears as their 6 2nd rounders are their most of the seven.

And speaking of the full seven rounds, only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) have fewer than the Bears' 23 drafted players on their current roster.

Bottom line, Phil Emery has to hit on his drafts, and he has to keep hitting. The more home grown players you get to stick on your roster, the better shape your salary cap will be in.

Do you see the Bears' acquiring of homegrown talent becoming a strength of this current regime?