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Jay Cutler on early Bears career: "It was a hit parade"

Jay Cutler met the media after today's mini camp practice and the topic turned to his early years as a member of the Chicago Bears.

Jonathan Daniel

When Jerry Angelo traded for Jay Cutler in 2009 he must have felt he finally fixed the Chicago Bears' offense, because he failed to go out and build around his franchise quarterback. His starting receivers in 2009 were both guys that should have been number threes, and he never addressed the wideout issue during his tenure.

The Bears' offensive lines from 2009-2012 were never able to protect the quarterback and no QB was hit, sacked and pressured more than Cutler was.

Part of the problem was that then-Bears head coach Lovie Smith brought in offensive coordinator Mike Martz, a play caller that was notorious for his QBs taking a beating, and Cutler's sack percentage went from 5.9% in 2009 to 10.7% in 2010. It was still high at 6.8% in 2011, and even higher (8.1%) with Mike Tice as the new play caller in 2012.

In Jerry Angelo's defense he did try to add to his offensive line in the draft, but hindsight tells us he picked the wrong guys. Both his 1st round tackles busted themselves off the Bears.

Jay Cutler looked gun shy at times and he often felt pressure even when it wasn't there. Being sacked 148 times in 56 games from 2009-2012 will do that to you. Being knocked down and pressured countless other times will only add to the tentativeness.

Last year Cutler saw his sack percentage drop to the lowest it's been as a Bear at 5.1%, which is still a long way from his final year in Denver (2008) when it was 1.8%.

Cutler has missed 13 games in the last four seasons and when asked about his durability he referenced the beating he's taken as a Bear.

"It was fine before I got here. It was kind of a hit parade back there [the first few years in Chicago]."

He calls last season's injuries more of the "freak" variety, while playing in the QB-friendly offense of Marc Trestman.

Cutler spent a lot of this offseason getting his body right after suffering injuries to his left side.

There were some earlier reports of Cutler adding some size and strength this offseason, and Bears head coach Marc Trestman did say he looked bigger.

Here are a few more tweets about the Cutler presser.

In regards to the New York trip he took with Trestman;

Turns out it wasn't...