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Chicago Bears release 2014 Training Camp Schedule

One of the best ways to get up close to the Bears, a trip to Olivet Nazarene in Bear-bonnais is always a good time. Take a look at the schedule below.

FIrst chance to see this guy live and with the Bears
FIrst chance to see this guy live and with the Bears
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears released their training camp schedule today, over at their official site.  Some notes to keep in mind:

For morning practices, gates open at 9:00am, and players and coaches will already be on field.  Practice ends around 11:30 (depends on weather).  For afternoon practices, gates will open at 2:30.  There's a huge gift shop, and plenty of family activities as well.

The earlier the better, and it's a great time for kids to get autographs, etc.  Be polite and respectful of others, and you should have a great time with your fellow Bears fans.   Also...bring a chair!

Day Date Practice Time/Notes Theme Day
Friday July 25th 9am-11:30am
Saturday July 26th 9am-11:30am Vamos Bears Dia
Sunday July 27th 9am-11:30am
Monday July 28th 9am-11:30am
Tuesday July 29th No practice - closed to the public
Wednesday July 30th 9am-11:30am Ladies Day
Thursday July 31st 9am-11:30am
Friday August 1st 9am-11:30am
Saturday August 2nd 6:45pm-8:45pm (Soldier Field) Family Fest
Sunday August 3rd No practice - closed to the public
Monday August 4th 3pm-5pm Armed Forces Day
Tuesday August 5th 9am-11:30am
Wednesday August 6th 9am-11:30am Youth Football Day
Thursday August 7th No practice - closed to the public
Friday August 8th Preseason Game 1: Bears vs. Eagles
Saturday August 9th No practice - closed to the public
Sunday August 10th 3pm-5pm
Monday August 11th 9am-11:30am
Tuesday August 12th 9am-11:30am
Wednesday August 13th Break Camp - closed to the public
Thursday August 14th Preseason Game 2: Bears vs. Jaguars

Feel free to try to set up some times to meet up with your fellow WCGers, and as always, we'll bring you the latest news from camp.   See you then!