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The Weekend Bears Den: June 21, 2014 - Chicago Bears offseason news & notes

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If it has the physique of a demigod and the presence of a demigod and the mullet of a demigod.....

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Adam Bettcher

Mannelly retires after 16 seasons - Larry Mayer: The longest playing career in Bears history officially ended Friday when long-snapper Patrick Mannelly announced his retirement.

Mannelly reflects on career with Bears - Larry Mayer: With his body telling him it was time to retire at the age of 39, Patrick Mannelly thanked the Bears organization for "an incredible 16 years."

Friends react to Mannelly's retirement - Larry Mayer: After Patrick Mannelly announced his retirement Friday, longtime teammate Charles Tillman and others took to Twitter to wish him well. [Worth it just to see Tillman rocking a sweet Mannelly jersey. - Den]

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Patrick Mannelly retirement: news and reaction

Patrick Mannelly announces retirement - Jeff Dickerson: A true model of consistency, Mannelly missed just 11 games throughout his NFL career as the Bears rarely, if ever, experienced a poor snap on special teams.

After 16 seasons, Mannelly retires - Bob LeGere: One of the league's top coverage long snappers, Mannelly had 81 career special teams tackles, third-most by a Bears player since 1995. He had three seasons in which he had 11.

Mannelly retires from Bears after 16 seasons - Rich Campbell, Brad Biggs: Mannelly was one reason why the Bears were able to set an NFL record for 920 consecutive punts (and 180 games) without a blocked punt; he executed 2,282 plays without a botched snap.

Patrick Mannelly retires after 16 seasons - Patrick Finley: Mannelly was a bastion of stability as he watched more than 750 players come and go. His retirement Friday transcended his accomplishments on the field, even as his career spanned a generation.

Mannelly era ends as Bears vet retires after 16 seasons - Moon Mullin: His selection in the sixth round of the 1998 draft barely caused a ripple after the likes of Curtis Enis, Olin Kreutz and Tony Parrish had been chosen in previous rounds. But when Mannelly’s impending retirement after 16 seasons was announced, it created a very definite ripple.

[Video] - Patrick Mannelly spoke with the media during a conference call Friday morning to address his recent retirement from the NFL after a record 16 seasons with the Bears.

Mannelly explains retirement decision, gets ready to tee it up - Dan Wiederer with highlights of Pat Mannelly's conference call.

Patrick Mannelly's presence will be missed - David Haugh: Mannelly, who practically has been around the Bears long enough to be considered another McCaskey brother, was an island of serenity and epitome of class at his long-standing post in Bears locker room.

Mannelly calls it quits - Actually-Hub Arkush: In 35 years I can’t think of a single player better at his job, more accepted or well-liked in the locker room, more professional, any classier or more appropriate in his dealings with the media and fans or a more pleasant and easy guy to be around.

One of the guys who always 'got it' - Moon Mullin: Mannelly on why he chose to attend Duke: "I was basically given a winning lottery ticket. I could cash it in anywhere. If I was good enough, the NFL would find me no matter where I was ... so why not cash in my ticket for the best education I could get in the meantime."

Tribute from Brian Urlacher - Teddy Greenstein: "You only notice long snappers when they screw up," Urlacher said. "He never screwed up. He was a team captain as a long snapper. That says a lot about him right there."

[Video] CSNChicago discussion - Three clowns who call themselves sports journalists disparage the appreciation fans have for Mannelly.  David Kaplan stands up for The Mullet. [Clearly, I'm going to have to rethink the KAPCON system. - Den]

Photos - takes a pictorial look back at his 16-year career. [It’s like a growth chart for his mullet… freaking awesome! - TJGOBIG]

Photos - The Tribune with more of Mannelly's time with the Bears.

Photos - The Herald with a slideshow of Bears with most games played. Pat Mannelly is in some pretty damned illustrious company.


Angelo: What Bears' commitment really means to Cutler - Dan Wiederer: Former Bears GM feels Cutler’s own long-term contract extension may be one of the biggest catalysts the QB will have heading into his sixth season in Chicago.

Bushrod hopes he'll benefit from picking Allen's brain - Not-Hub Arkush: After doing battle with Allen over the past six seasons, Bushrod can now exchange trade tips with his new teammate and future Hall of Famer.

Team Report - Adam L. Jahns: 10 things gleaned during the Bears’ offseason work that will bear watching once camp opens.

Which non-Cutler player is the Bears' most important? - Now that Patrick Mannelly has retired, the CSNChicago SportsTalk Live panel conclude it to be Matt Forte [with Video].

[Video] CSNChicago discussion - Who will be Bears' backup QB? [PeterBrownCON: 3.  Slobby man likes to shout.]

[Video] CSNChicago discussion - Was release of Israel Idonije a good sign for the Bears, or a bad one for Izzy?

Sun-Times Bears section here.

Polish sausage

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Greg Gabriel takes a look at our divisional rival's roster. What are the Vikings' chances in 2014? Tom Pelissero: Letting me go would get ugly for Vikings from fan base, says AP.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Tom Pelissero: Detroit appears loaded on offense, assuming Matthew Stafford can provide more consistency. Michael Rothstein: Five things to watch in Lions' offseason. [It seems they left out "Police Blotter" - Mike Ditka's Cigar]


I've always thought this track had something of a melancholic farewell feel to it.  Appropriate as we bid adieu to #65's playing career.