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Poll of the Day: TCO vs Trestfense

The Battle-lines have been drawn. You must choose a side. Should we call the Chicago Bears' offense the Trest Coast Offense (TCO) or the Trestfense?

"I'm kind of fond of Trest Coast Offense myself. TCO For Life." ~ Marc Trestman
"I'm kind of fond of Trest Coast Offense myself. TCO For Life." ~ Marc Trestman
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

As is customary in sports, we often look for a cute and/or catchy way to say things. Whether a nickname or a play on words, it's kind of our own lingo that only those of us "in the know" understand. We've given the Chicago Bears' offense its own handle in the past, and it was universally accepted.

Back when Mike Martz ran the O, we referred to the 7 step dropping, no tight end using, get his quarterback smashed, greatest show on sod offense as the Martzfense. A witty play on words that combined his last name "Martz" with the second syllable of the word "offense", to give us Martzfense.

It was brilliant.

The offensive system that is run by current Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman is a variation of the original Bill Walsh West Coast Offense. How true he stays to the old school 49ers version of the WCO is known only by Walsh disciples, Trestman, his current offensive staff and a select few other WCO experts.

Today we ask you, the fine members of Windy City Gridiron, to help us settle a debate that has waged on in our comment threads for almost a year. By now many of you have already chosen a side in this war on words, but we wanted to make it as official as possible.

There's already been a poll that was posted in the Fanpost section, but it didn't garner many votes. I won't post the results here, as I don't want to skew the current vote.

And as for the current poll. Here's the tale of the tape.

Trest Coast Offense (TCO)

You take the "Trest" of Trestman and add it instead of the "West" in West Coast Offense.

It was first used on 9/12/13 in the initial Sackwatch of the 2013 season.

WCG member tvainisi gets credit for the term, and his original comment coining TCO received 23 recs from the WCG community.


A similar moniker to that of the Martzfense, in that it is formed by combining the first syllable of Trestman and adding it to the second syllable of offense.

It was first utilized by that wordsmith Dane Noble on 8/9/13 in our 1st preseason open thread from last year.

This may be the most important poll in the history of WCG.

I currently have my own favorite, but I'll keep that bit of info to myself. I will commit however, to using whichever one wins the poll.