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This Week at WCG: June 28, 2014

The cheese-grater head was not found in Kev's search of Etsy, but plenty of other weird stuff was. The week that was at WCG.

David Banks

(Editor's Note: Welcome to the offseason, where this weekend's Den Links will be combined with Monday's.)

Now that we're in the depths of the offseason, nothing interesting is currently happening with the team. Nightmares for all. However, plenty of interesting stuff happened here in our own backyard, so let's do a Bears' Den of WCG linkage in case you missed anything this week.

From Monday:

Sam asked everyone which play in Bears' history dealt the biggest gut-punch. For my money's worth, when I'm looking at what constitutes a gut-punch, I'm looking for a sudden switch in momentum in a single moment. So it's why I can't look at the 2010 Championship Game as a gut-punch moment, nor anything that happened post-Devin-Hester's Super Bowl kickoff return. But it also has to be in a big moment, one that actually means something, so I can't take an early-season late lead blown against the Falcons thanks to a squib kick and a sudden entry into field goal range. So I have to take the Randall Cobb play that halted the printing presses on Bears' playoff tickets. And I will openly admit my Bears bad-play radar doesn't go as far back as some.

In more serious, actual Bears news, Cornelius Washington was charged with speeding and driving under a suspended license. There was also some roster movement as the Bears signed former 5-time Pro-Bowl safety Adrian Wilson and tight end Jeron Mastrud, and formally severed Fendi Onobun's grip on a roster spot.

Lester also gave us his Ten NFL Thoughts, which is always a good read and look around the NFL.

From Tuesday:

Lester looked at the six Bears' rookies that made the All-Time Rookie Team as decided by's Elliot Harrison. It's a really good look back at the team's history, especially with regards to a certain coach from a certain NFL team that kicked certain amounts of arse in the league.

From Wednesday:

We also took a look at what "championship depth" means and just how deep the Chicago Bears are. Generally, yes with depth you want outstanding talent, but you also want that talent at a good price (since by their nature, backups don't get as much play as a starter, and generally don't have the same total impact a starter would). So while it's good to have that talent, you don't want to overpay it on the free agent market. Having that good depth while fielding a competitive team is usually a sign of good drafting and good talent evaluation.

From Thursday:

We settled the age old question: "TCO or Trestfense." My thoughts on it, I'd rather stay out of the whole debacle that has been naming the "Marc Trestman Chicago Bears Kick-Ass Offense." (But TCO was winning the poll 95%-5% at last check.)

From Friday:

Kev went on Etsy to see what weird homemade Chicago Bears-related stuff he could find. The Internet did not disappoint.

We also tackled which Chicago Bears players are currently the most over-rated or under-rated. Pete Prisco tossed out Charles Tillman for overrated and Matt Slauson for underrated. I have some thoughts, but I may save that for another article tomorrow.