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WCG Open Thread #2,379: Roll Call

It's been a little while since we took a stroll around the world, so let's see where our Chicago Bears faithful is currently representing.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

A few times per year, we like to take a look at where all of our WCG members are currently residing. Whether you were home-grown in Chicago and never left, or born and raised in another country, let us know in the comments section below. You might find some neighbors you never knew you had!

Of course, as any offseason late night Open Thread goes, feel free to discuss whatever else you guys and gals desire. Want to share your most valuable piece of Chicago Bears memorabilia? Want to express all of the reasons why you hate the Green Bay Packers?  Have at it.

We'll leave you with a short highlight video from the 2013 NFL season... It's been too long since we've seen live football, so maybe this will help get you through the night.  And of course it starts out with a heavy dose of Devin Hester.

This is your Open Thread #2,379... Have fun!