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This Week at Windy City Gridiron: July 12th, 2014

Did you miss anything this week? Now, you don't have to - we're recapping the week that was for the Bears and WCG.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

This week marks a turning point in the doldrums of July in the NFL. That's because the first signs of an approaching training camp are here.

Lester's Ten Most Important Bears of 2014 are here. At least the first three and a recap of last year.

Let's just remind that this isn't a list of studs or star players or anything like that; instead, it's a countdown of parts of the Bears organization (players, coaches, positions, executives [maybe?]) that Lester believes are the most key to success in the 2014 football season.

A Look Back at 2013's Ten Most Important BearsJuly 7
2014 - #10 Jordan MillsJuly 8
2014 - #9 Kyle FullerJuly 9
2014 - #8 Jeremiah RatliffJuly 10
2014 - #7 Matt ForteJuly 11

For my money, the top 6 might have some familiar faces, but I bet Les has a surprise or three for us up there... Click the dates to reach the articles.

For the rest of the week that was at WCG...

From Monday

Les also offered us his Ten Chicago Sports Thoughts. He loves that number ten, doesn't he. But there's some good stuff here, given that Chicago's had some pretty hectic sports action the last week or so, like the Cubs trade of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, the Blackhawks' signing of Mike Richards, and plenty of Bulls free agency implications going down even this week.

Sam dropped some thoughts on Jon Bostic and why there's hope for him to be better than he was in 2013 - and he'll need to be.

From Wednesday

In advance of the Supplemental Draft, the Bears attended the workout of defensive tackle Lakendrick Ross. If you're wondering how the Supplemental Draft went this year, it tied the league record for the quietest Supplemental Draft in NFL history - also known as, no one was selected this year.

From Thursday

Who is the face of the Chicago Bears? For some reason, I get the vibe that the Bears' face of the franchise is required to be a defensive player, and given last year, that "face" is more like "the back of the head" as the defense turns towards a departing running back. If it had to stay on defense, I'd give it to Charles Tillman before Lance Briggs. Tillman might be my choice overall, but I'd have to include several offensive players before reaching Briggs.

From Friday

Sam discussed the high expectations for last year's two-reception man, Marquess Wilson, as developing into the third receiver behind Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

Other Notes

I neglected to highlight it last week, but Harsha Sridhar, one of the writers for our fine sister site Acme Packing Co., has been a solid presence over this offseason; he's got a couple of FanPosts up if you want to ask him some questions.

And it wouldn't be a weekly wrap-up if we didn't carry on Spongie's tradition of the Den video. I guess this makes this the first full wrap-up.