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This Week at Windy City Gridiron: July 19th, 2014

Not much time left until training camp, but we're still keeping you up to date on what's been going on here at WCG this offseason.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp starts in five days! Anybody else ready? Everybody should be raising their hands.

Lester's Ten Most Important Bears Update

Lester started this WCG staple series last week and we carried you back from 10 to 7. This week, 6 through 2 all graced the WCG front page, and that leaves just number one to come.

#6 - The Backup QuarterbackJuly 15th
#5 - Jared AllenJuly 16th
#4 - Brandon MarshallJuly 17th
#3 - Lamarr HoustonJuly 17th
#2 - Mel TuckerJuly 18th

Spoilers, boys and girls - #1 drops today; enjoy that.

From Sunday:

If you can get past the 1000+ comment slugfest, there's some good information in here about the future of the Bears. And plenty to disagree with. Les brought you a panel of ESPN folks lining up the future of each franchise.

From Monday:

Sam tackled the question of Chris Conte and how the new and hopefully improved defense can help make him serviceable again.

Ronk attended an event with Kyle Long and got some great answers from the second-year offensive lineman. dropped their coaching power rankings, and they inserted Marc Trestman in the list at #24.

From Tuesday:

Lester's Ten Thoughts this week included bits about Candlestick Park, the refusal to retire Brett Favre's number, Jimmy Graham the tight-end-receiver-man, and the Packers' open books. (Which, given my day job, seeing stuff like this is just a thrill.)

From Wednesday:

We posed the ever-relevant question: Is Matt Forte the best all-around running back in the NFL?

From Friday:

Sam also asked where the Bears' Black Unicorn, Martellus Bennettranked in the league's tight ends. I'd say, certainly behind Jimmy Graham.

Full disclaimer ahead - I know nothing about German music. I know nothing about music in general, but that's beside the point. Anyway, far as I can tell, we've nailed everything else I already know about German music (namely Rammstein), so, if you played Guitar Hero 3's DLC, this is the original song.