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Where do the Chicago Bears rank on the CBS Sports Top 100 NFL players lists for 2014?

There's really no end in sight for the off season list-a-palooza. If you didn't like the NFL Network's Top 100 player list, maybe one of these two lists from CBS Sports will suit you better. Then again, neither had as many Bears show up as on the NFLNs Top 100...

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Network always garners a ton of discussion with their Top 100 Players list. The voting for their list is done by a select few actual NFL players. Every year there are players that feel slighted and other players that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

The NFLN list appears to be finished with the Chicago Bears and they placed five current Bears on the list.

Brandon Marshall was probably the last Bear on their list at 36, and he followed teammates Alshon Jeffery at 54, free agent acquisition Jared Allen at 68, Tim Jennings was 74 and an unhappy Matt Forte was 91. has their own lists compiled by two of their own. Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco has ranked his top 100 players and NFL Insider Pat Kirwan did the same. Kirwan based his list off his years of experience, while Prisco formulated his opinion with some help from scouts, players and personnel men.

We'll touch on Kirwan's list first and look at the three Bears he ranked.

22. Brandon Marshall, WR, Bears: It feels like he could catch 100 passes a year in his sleep.

It's hard to argue with Marshall being his top rated Bear. Back to back 100 catch seasons with 23 touchdowns in that time.

31. Matt Forte, RB, Bears: What can't he do from the RB position? Always a top percent-of-plays guy.

Forte will be much happier with this ranking. When Marc Trestman took over the Bears, many figured Forte would thrive. Career highs in rushing yards, rushing TDs, receptions and receiving yards in year one of the TCO. I would not be surprised to see him become even more effective in 2014, even if his playing time is cut down.

57. Jared Allen, DE, Bears: He's a perfect fit for the Bears. I expect double-digit sacks once again.

Some experts believe Allen is on the decline, but I think a healthy three man rotation at defensive end will help his productivity. If he does hit double digit sacks again, it'll be his 8th straight year doing so.

Kirwan mentions that the players he ranked from 101-120 were just as good as the players he ranked from 81-100. I have to believe that wide receiver Alshon Jeffery was in that group, and I fully expect him to make his list in 2014.

Be sure to check out Pat Kirwan's Top 100 and let us know what you think.

Moving on to the Pete Prisco Top 100, and he only has two Bears ranked. Prisco also talked to a few NFL GMs for his article.

35. Brandon Marshall, WR, Chicago Bears: Since coming to Chicago, he has been a big part of the offense and has racked up consecutive 100-catch seasons with the Bears. He has really matured.

NFL GM No. 1 on Marshall: "Has made big strides as a player and seems much more mature on the surface. Has all the tools -- size, length and above-average speed for a big man. Does a nice job in traffic and understands how to use his size advantage on the perimeter."

The one aspect of his game that is often overlooked is his blocking.

50. Alshon Jeffery, WR, Chicago Bears: He is big and strong and does a great job of using his body to make big plays. Last season was his breakout season. What's next?

NFC personnel director on Jeffery: "Rare ball skills. What he lacks in speed and quickness, he makes up for with his wide-catch radius and his ability to separate vertically."

Of his many awesome catches to choose from, I actually forgot about this one.

So only the two Chicago wide outs makes his list, and there isn't a Bear to be found in his "just missed" section either. While I can understand Jared Allen being left off his Top 100, I don't see how Matt Forte didn't even crack the 17 players that just missed.

Check out his Top 100 and let us know what you think.