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Chicago Bears Training Camp is officially Open

The Chicago Bears reported to training camp today and their first official practice will be tomorrow. We've got some tidbits on today's festivities.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is the #1 sports brand in America because they have so many BIG moments throughout the year. Obvious biggies are the season opener, playoffs, the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl. Yes, the Pro Bowl somehow grabs very good ratings, but look at how big the off season events are.

The NFL combine has become must see TV. The opening of free agency brings about a news frenzy. The NFL Draft has become such a huge deal they are expanding it by another day and have plans to take it from city to city. Organized Team Activities (OTA) dominates the news-cycle. Mandatory mini camp is all over social media. Then we have the actual opening of Training Camp which finally signals the beginning of the new football season.

Optimism is at Defcon 1 all around the NFL. Every fanbase truly believes this is the year for their team.

I try to maintain a level head when discussing the Chicago Bears, but the changes made by general manager Phil Emery has me really confident this year. He basically turned the offense into a legit pro offense in one off season, so hopefully his additions can do the same on the defensive side of the ball this year. On paper this Bears team appears to be damn good.

Well said...

We'll learn more about what type of team the Bears will have in the coming weeks.

Now on to a few more tweets about the Bears' first day at camp.

How about one more about Lynch!

If Adrian Wilson can regain his form at 34 years old, he will provide leadership and play-making ability on the back end of the D.

Long has a non-contagious viral infection and he will be reevaluated next week.

For those of you thinking about attending camp, click here for all the info you'll need.