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Chicago Bears training camp 2014: July 26 open thread

Training camp day 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Second session of Bears training camp today, and we've already had some interesting reports from Bourbonnais.  Kyle Fuller turned heads with a pair of interceptions, while speedy return man / WR Chris Williams showed his potential as a deep threat with what Larry Mayer described as the offensive highlight of day 1.  See them both in action in this video report from

For more about yesterday's camp, including Bears beat reporters' observations and thoughts on other players such as Shea McClellin and the backup wide receivers, follow the links in today's Weekend Den.

Day 2 is about to kick off!  We'll have a recap up for you later.


Be sure to check out Sam's pre-training camp concerns and storylines and Lester's ongoing training camp battles series.

A few words from Lester, taken from last year's training camp open threads:

The website has everything you need to know about Training Camp here.

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Now enjoy the open thread!

A reminder from Steven Schweickert:

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