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Chicago Bears training camp 2014: July 28 open thread

Feel the ball. Be one with the ball. Kick the living bejebus out of the ball.

Brian Kersey

The Bears had their first padded practice of 2014 training camp yesterday and, with hitting allowed, the biggest cheers were for... Pat O'Donnell, now seemingly named Megapunt.  Or was it a chant for what they wanted to see?  Either way, Joe DeCamillis couldn't believe the crowd's enthusiasm for a Bears special teamer with the first name of Pat.  If only O'Donnell had a mullet...

Speaking of mullets - and it's a good day at WCG when we get to do so - guess who's back at Bourbonnais today?

He's there to broadcast and not to long snap, unfortunately.  Could the issues with the candidates to be his replacement all be a ploy by the Bears to implant within him the itch to tear off the headphones, toss aside the microphone, and announce: "I'm back!" ?  We can but hope.

In other news, Kyle Fuller got plenty of reps in on the outside as Tim Jennings was sidelined early as a precaution (quad strain) and, by most accounts, did well.  Chris Williams continues to impress both in the return and passing game, while Nate Collins and Trevor Scott stood out in the pass rush drills.  More in today's Bears Den and, if you missed the action from either or both of the weekend training camp sessions, we have you covered with recaps and Dens.

As usual, we'll have a recap post later.  In the meantime, this is your open thread for all your tweets, chat, and words of wisdom from Pat Mannelly, should anyone be able to listen to the broadcast.

Force of habit: article pic in hi-res.


Be sure to check out Sam's pre-training camp concerns and storylines and Lester's ongoing training camp battles series.

A few words from Lester, taken from last year's training camp open threads:

The website has everything you need to know about Training Camp here.

Please keep in mind that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA, so you may see a naughty word or two in the comment section. Here's a link to our community guidelines so you know what is still out of bounds. It may be an open thread, but we still should act fairly civilized, we're not Yahoos.

Now enjoy the open thread!

To quote Steven Schweickert quoting me quoting his reminder from last year's training camp open threads:

Open Thread Responsibly (TM).