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The Bears Den: July 03, 2014 - Chicago Bears offseason news & notes

Dude, that's nasty.

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No longer reliant, Bears just need reliability in return game - Not-Hub Arkush: With one of the league’s most dynamic offenses, relying on Devin Hester’s record-breaking production is no longer vital.

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Roster analysis: Defensive end - Michael C. Wright: If the Bears once again decide to keep six DEs, there will be essentially six players fighting for three roster positions behind Allen, Houston and Young. [Washington over Bass?  Interesting. - Den]

[Video] ESPN - Jeff Dickerson looks ahead to training camp position battles, and thinks Jon Bostic could contend for a starting spot.

[Video] - Doug Farrar and Chris Burke discuss if they would rather have Matthew Stafford or Jay Cutler start for their team.

Depth charts - PFF update their charts for the NFC North.  A training camp battle for the center position awaits.

Fantasy Football - Dave Richard's Fantasy Football breakdown: The Bears focused on defense this offseason, leaving their offense pretty much as-is. Does it mean it won't be as good?

Sun-Times Bears section here.

Polish sausage

X&Os - Our sister site BucsNation, ably assisted by Matt Bowen, takes a look at Lovie Smith's defense.  Includes breakdown of the 2012 opening weekend game against a rookie Andrew Luck and the Colts.

NFL history - Elliot Harrison's list of the top plays of the 2000s includes two games whose outcomes were affected by poor long snapping. [And people wonder why Bears fans canonis(z)e Pat Mannelly. - Den]

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Mike Garafolo: Minnesota has a new head coach, but it might be a while before the Vikings can fix their lingering problems. Brian Urlacher is part of the FoxSports panel discussion in accompanying [Video].

Know thy enemy: Lions - PFF collates the QB breakdown for Matt Stafford.

Whoops - John Breech: Former Florida Gators TE Aaron Hernandez is Mr. July in 2014 calendar licensed by the school.