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Ten Thoughts on Chicago Sports: Bears and beyond

We'll mix it up a bit today in our Ten Thoughts section and touch on Chicago Sports in general. But feel free to allow your comments to stick to any NFL news if you are so inclined. Consider this your catchall comment thread for any sports thoughts that are on your mind.

Brian Kersey

It seems that Johnny Manziel is in the news every week, and I can sense many of you are tired of the rookie's shenanigans. And I don't really have any new thoughts about the idiot players that are breaking the law or getting suspended for PED use. They are all a bunch of dumbasses.

I've hit on Chicago sports in my Ten Thoughts from time to time during the NFL off season, and with so much stuff going on in Chicago, I figured we'd go that route today.

1) I'll admit, for a while there I was pretty excited about the possibility of Carmelo Anthony signing with the Chicago Bulls. But now it looks like the glitz -- and bigger contract -- of L.A. or the even bigger money of N.Y. will win out.

2) I definitely think Kevin Love is a player worth perusing, but I'd rather the Bulls not gut their roster and mortgage their future to do so. There's no way he puts up the same scoring numbers in Chicago, plus his defense isn't exactly Thibs-approved. He is capable of playing team defense, so that's a step up from Carlos Boozer, but he's not manning up on anyone like Taj Gibson can.

And speaking of Taj, as a starter last year he showed he could be a 20/10 guy, so if the Bulls are shut out on Melo, and a Love deal proves too steep, I think the Bulls could find a scorer once the big free agent dominoes start falling.

If you're looking for somewhere that has all the Bulls rumors on a neat and tidy list, look no further than our sister site, Blog A Bull.

3) How was Chris Sale passed over for the MLB All Star game? A game that has actual meaning, thanks to the Commish, is really going to pass on a Sale's 8-1 record, 2.16 ERA and 96 strikeouts in 87 1/3 innings? I'm not even a White Sox fan, and I can see the travesty in this.

4) Jose Abreau has got to be one of the greatest free agent signings in the history of Chicago sports. Not only because of his stats, but because of the value of the contract he signed. The White Sox are getting tremendous bag for thebuck.

5) I can't believe some Chicago Cubs fans really disappointed in the big trade from this weekend. Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel weren't going to around when the Cubs farm system starts to pay dividends, so why not get something now.

They are stockpiling young talent, so when the team is ready to win (2016?), they have the ammo to go get a guy.

6) Starlin Castro, who is set to make his 3rd All Star appearance, is still only 24 years old. And while not a Sale-level snub, Anthony Rizzo deserves to be at the All Star game as well.

7) I'm a casual NHL fan, so someone will need to tell me how good a signing center Brad Richards was for the Chicago Blackhawks. One year at $2 million seems like a good deal for an older, yet productive player, and in my opinion Richards fills the second line center need for the team.

8) We are just 17 days away from the Chicago Bears reporting to training camp on July 24th. Their first practice will be the following day and the first padded practice the day after that.

Anyone planning to make it to camp this year?

We're just 30 days away from preseason game one against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Football season is coming...

9) Something that's not reported on enough is Jay Cutler, Good Guy.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">#Bears</a> QB Jay Cutler meets student essay winners. See more on <a href="">#InsideTheBears</a> w/ <a href="">@spiceadams</a>, <a href="">@LPetruny</a> 1035p FOX CHI <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Chicago Bears (@ChiBearsPromos) <a href="">July 7, 2014</a></blockquote>

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10) Kyle Long is fast becoming one of the most popular Bears players and he will be in Chicago this Saturday at an event to promote childhood fitness. You can meet Long and get his autograph at Uncle Bob's Self Storage from noon to 2pm this Saturday. Click here for all the details.