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Chicago Bears training camp 2014: August 11 open thread

The penultimate practice of Bears training camp today. L'ennui. What does it all mean?

Jonathan Daniel

Training camp is fast approaching its conclusion ahead of Thursday's second preseason game, when the Jaguars visit Soldier field.  For what happened yesterday you can check the open thread, take a look at Steven Schweickert's recap post, or catch up with today's Bears Den.

After Martellus Bennett returned from suspension yesterday, the theme seemed to be injuries.  The O-line depth was tested on Friday with the right side of the starting lineup out, plus losing top interior backup Brian de la Puente for a couple of weeks with an MCL sprain.  Receiver / Kick returner Chris Williams was sidelined with the hamstring pull sustained on that 73-yard TD reception.

On the positive side, Chris Conte and Craig Steltz returned to action from offseason surgery, with Conte getting a look with the second team defense straight away so it seems that he's not been ruled out of the running for a potential starting role.  Tim Jennings returned from his quad strain and lasted the entire session, so that was another plus.

Oh, it seems like there's the potential for disruption today...

...but at least it's natural phenomenon rather than player indiscipline.  In any case, we'll have the usual recap of the session for you following the conclusion of practice.

Force of habit: Article pic in hi-res.


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