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Chicago Bears training camp 2014: August 12 open thread

Final day of practice in Bourbonnais, as the Bears prepare to break camp tomorrow before facing the Jaguars on Thursday.

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Another couple of hours and the Bears' 2014 training camp is O-V-E-R ovah!  If you missed yesterday's, you can peep at the open thread here, at Lester's recap post here, and there's always today's Bears Den.

With a short turnaround between the Eagles and Jaguars games - remember, this is only the third session they'll have had - it may be worth paying attention to which players get reps with the first team on each side of the ball as that's likely to be the starting lineup come Thursday.

Josh Morgan was the third WR in yesterday's practice, Chris Conte saw some snaps with the first team defense, and Shea McClellin remained as the base 4-3 defense SAM.  Jordan Palmer threw a couple of picks yesterday, though it's likely the team would have wanted to rotate Jimmy Clausen in with the 2s for the second preseason game anyway.

For reference, the remaining dates of note for the Bears this preseason after Thursday's game are:

Friday August 22nd - Preseason Game 3: Bears at Seahawks (9pm CT).

Tuesday August 26th - First roster cutdown (to maximum of 75 players).

Thursday August 28th - Preseason Game 4: Bears at Browns (7PM CT).

Saturday August 30th - Final roster cutdown (to 53-man roster),

Sunday August 31st - Teams establish a practice squad.

With Thursday's game and the upcoming roster cuts in mind, what are you looking out for in today's final practice?

As usual, we'll have a recap for you afterwards.


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Jazzy Les:

The website has everything you need to know about Training Camp here.

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