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Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Pre-Game Open Thread

Bears/Jaguars starts at 7pm CT, so hang out here and talk about the things you most want to see from tonight's game.

Hometown boy Jordan Lynch.
Hometown boy Jordan Lynch.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It's the preseason.  It's game 2.  We should see some medium starter time. There are some questions that need answers:

  • Who is the backup quarterback: Jimmy "Pickles" Clausen or Jordan "Speed Dial" Palmer?
  • Who is the backup running back?
  • Who is the third wide receiver?
  • Does Jay release his laser rocket arm, just because he can?
  • Does Zach Miller show the same flash he had in game 1?
  • Can Shea McClellin play NFL 4-3 linebacker?
  • Who are the starting safeties?
  • Can the defensive linemen generate a consistent pass rush?
  • Will they fill gaps and allow the linebackers to roam on running plays?
  • How many people will Kev have to ban?

And on the Jaguars end:

  • Is Blake Bortles the future for Jacksonville?
  • Who are the wide receivers?
  • If Toby isn't the guy, can one of the other running backs step up?
  • Could this defense be legit?

If you missed it, we talked with Big Cat Country, the Jaguars site.  You can find our answers to their questions here, and their answers to our questions here.

What are you looking for tonight?