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2014 Preason Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears Live Blog Open Thread

The Bears are taking on the Jaguars. At Soldier Field. The only thing that would make it better is if the game actually counted. Hang out with us while we watch.

Your new backup starting quarterback, everyone.
Your new backup starting quarterback, everyone.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I'm setting an over/under right now on Gruden "this guy" remarks.

Setting it at 43.5

That's right, it's Monday Night Football on a Thursday and we get the dynamic duo of Even-keeled Mike and Likethisguy man. We should probably be able to avoid some of the problems that plagued the broadcast last week.

Here's the guys who aren't playing tonight:

Wilson is obvious, Conte is semi-obvious, same with Britton, De La Puente, and Williams.  Rosario has a calf strain, it looks like, but we're not sure why Willie Young isn't playing.

Hang out with us, we'll be here for the whole game with a recap for you later, but we'll have constant, instant analysis all night long.

This should help get you pumped up for this game that largely doesn't matter: