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Live journal: Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars preseason game No. 2

Preseason games can be tough to watch for even the most hardcore fans. I didn't get to watch the first Bears game but I'm locked into the TV for Bears-Jaguars and thought instead of watching the game and waiting for a storyline to develop I would just write what jumped out at me the moment it jumped out at me, mostly in the way of sarcasm but with some actual analysis thrown in. This is NOT "Notes, Scribbles, Things Jotted Down."

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

As a change of pace to a regular breakdown of the game, which you can get in the aforementioned NSTJD, I decided to change it up with a Live Journal.

What follows are my thoughts, quotes and analysis of last night's game with some help  and input from my wife Ashley. All times are EST.

7:49 - During "Soundtrack" segment Ashley: "Marc Trestman must have a happy wife." Me: "Why?" Her: "Because he's all about finishing it." (ICYMI: Virtually every clip ended with Trestman saying "Finish it." "Finish that rep" "Finish the play, finish the play" etc.)

7:55 - I'm already sick of Berman.

7:57 - Cris Carter says Jay Cutler in year two with Marc Trestman could be "his best season ever." Ash wonders aloud if the national media now loves Jay. I assure her this is not the case.

8:01 - Ash and I debate who would win in a fight a bear or a jaguar. I say bear, she says you can't underestimate the slinkiness of the cat.

8:06 - Ashley wonders why Jeff Joniak isn't on TV. "Is he ugly? He has a good voice."

8:07 - Kickoff and the return wasn't completely atrocious.

8:08 - Third down, looks like Jared Allen got held, Gruden says no, tape says yeah, kind of.

8:09 - Remember when Toby Gerhart almost won the Heisman Trophy? Doesn't that feel like ten years ago? And the Jags want him to be their feature back.

8:11 - The run defense looks better, the pass defense does not. And Kyle Fuller is injured...oh man, oh man I'm trying not to freak out...deep breaths, deep breaths.

8:12 - Jon Bostic made a play against the run?! I'll take it!! 3-0 Jags.

8:15 - Fuller replay, hopefully a very mild sprain or just a stinger. Brandon Marshall drops the pass from Jay Cutler, Jags DE had Cutler dead to rights but looked like he didn't know what to do.

8:17 - Mega-punt....mega-punt...still needs a better nickname. Turf monster gets an assist for taking out the Jags returner. Homefield advantage!

8:20 - Gerhart runs 17 yards. Looks like the 2013 Bears defense.

8:22 - First mention of firing Mel Tucker in the open thread.

8:23 - Chad Henne's accuracy reminds me of those old gangster movies where the guys shoot the tommy guns from their hips and spray bullets EVERYWHERE.

8:24 - Ryan Mundy gets flagged, nice physical play but that's the point of emphasis this year. Get used to it.

8:25 - Jeez this defense looks an awful lot like last year. Jags moving the ball at will.

8:26 - Seriously, does Henne think he has the Bears' WRs? Every pass is like 12 inches too high.

8:31 - First mention of cutting Eric Weems in the thread.

8:32 - Finally a sack!!

8:33 - Soldier Field turf helps Trevor Scott pick up sack No. 2 of the night. Illegal contact downfield negates it.

8:38  -Touchdown Jags. 13-0, Stephen Paea gets an illegal hands to the face penalty. SMH

8:42 - Check in on the open thread and it appears this season is over, management doesn't know what it's doing, throw in the towel on 2014....BEARS FOOTBALL IS BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!

8:45 - Mike Tirico: "You don't want to read too much into preseason..." tell that to the open thread man.

8:47 - Martellus Bennett is baaaaack.

8:50 - Alshon Jeffery is down. No, no, nononononononono NO!!!!! He gets up under his own power....oh gosh man please....

8:53 - Cutler looks more decisive, he's got nice mechanics and he appears comfortable. This I want to see in the regular season.

8:55 - Cutler to Marshall for 6 for the first time. Beautiful. Great protection and Cutler really looks like he trusts his protection and is standing in the pocket.

8:59 - Big return. No surprise.

9:00 - Ashley says "You retweeted Trent Dilfer?!" He complimented Cutler so yeah! I ask the open thread if WCG should apologize. The answer is a resounding no.

9:01 - Trevor Scott is making a case to make this team, in my opinion.

9:03 - Ash wonders why Jacksonville is abbreviated JAX on the graphic. She says Miami should be Mimi.

9:06 - Clausen time! Shaun Draughn makes a nice case for his position with his first two carries.

9:08 - Jermon Bushrod got ABUSED by Chris Clemons but Clausen completes the pass anyway. Ashley says of Clausen "Pickles is making relish out of their D." My wife ladies and gentlemen!

9:11 - Just when I thought Bushrod did well on Clemons he gets an illegal hands to the face penalty. Trestman will not be happy for all the flags. Again.

9:13 - Ashley "It's like the United Nations with all these flags."

9:16 - Blake Bortles time.

9:19 - Bortles throws a nice pass in tight coverage, Ash says "Oh, I thought we incepted that." She was flustered.

9:22 - Bortles is fun to say. It reminds us of Beetleborgs. BeetleBortles, say that five times fast Gruden!

9:25 - Sam took a restroom break, so this is Ashley commandeering his computer. Hi all! :] What is it? Ugly tie day on MNF? Ugh.

9:26 - Sam's back, Jags kick a field goal. 16-7 Jags.

9:28 - Let's see what Pickles Clausen can do in the 2 minute drill.

9:32 - Pat O'Donnell with a huge punt, coverage unit gets down and returner goes no where. That I like.

*Checks clock* Good Lord, it's still the first half? Man I hate the preseason...


9:49 - It's going to be a long second half, fasten your seatbelts. Clausen fumbles snap...this is what I was talking about.

9:52 - It's fun when the illegal contact penalties are called on them.

9:53 - That INT was not on Clausen, the tip slowed the ball enough for the DB to make a play on it.

9:57 - Bortles does remind me some of Roethlisberger. He's got an arm and he can move.

10:05 - Josh Bellamy, did he fumble or didn't he?

10:08 - We keep it! Ka'Deem Carey looked good on that carry, taking defenders with him for the first down.

10:10 - Bellamy bobbles third down catch and it's ruled incomplete. Bears challenge, on replay looks like it'll be upheld. Bellamy does not look like he will make the team. Great throw from Clausen though.

10:13 - Play is confirmed, Bears punt. It's Tress Way.

10:14 - What do you know? More flags!

10:15 - Christian Jones enters the game.

10:20 - Starting to lose focus on the game. Tirico says the wave is going around Soldier Field. I'm disappointed in you Bears fans.

10:21 - Plenty of reps for Clausen. I'm beginning to doubt there is much to this QB battle anymore...

10:36 - Jordan Palmer's first pass, looks around, looks around, checks down. People in the open thread were trashing on Carey but he's had moments. He's no burner but he's got decent legs, makes nice cuts, and has good power.

10:38 - Palmer underthrows the ball to Matthew Mulligan. Good touch to get it over the linebacker but if he leads him a bit more it could have been six or inside the two.

10:40 - Carey in for the TD. 19-14 Jags.

10:51 - Still five minutes left. Not much to say.

10:58 - No. 87 caught a pass. That should be retired for Mt. Lunchpail's own Tom Waddle.

10:59 - Pass interference. Thank you refs.

11:00 - Roughing the passer, when Palmer still had the ball in his hand. Okay then...

Senorise Perry just made me forget about Carey. Must remind myself this is the third string.

11:04 - Palmer plays with his wedding ring on or he has tape on his ring finger. Not sure which.

11:05 - Bears take the lead! Perry in for the TD! Gruden is more excited than he'd be if this game counted.

11:06 - Gruden is talking about a referee throwing a flag 30 yards, with full breakdown of his mechanics. Preseason has officially reached its peak.

11:09 - I swear if the defense blows this in the last :47 seconds so help me...

11:10 - On second thought I want to see what would happen in the open thread...

Nevermind, C.J. Wilson intercepts it to preserve a Bears win. Nothing like a come-from-behind by the third stringers preseason victory.

11:11 - That's it, Bears are 2-0 on the preseason and now in the true dress rehearsal, in Seattle next Friday.

What did you think of the Bears' second preseason game?