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Chicago Bears Fantasy Watch: Jay Cutler over/under

With enough pieces in place for Cutler to light up the stat lines... Can he?

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Jonathan Daniel

A few things are known about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler: He's freakishly athletic, incredibly intelligent, and takes enough chances over the course of 4 quarters to give the other team a chance to make plays.

Last season, Cutler seemed to be in a pretty good rhythm under new head coach Marc Trestman, averaging 238 yards passing per game, which was the second-highest in his career. Of course, Cutler battled a torn groin and ankle injury, and ended up missing five games.

With that said, the pieces are all in place to have a productive, if not record-breaking, offensive season. The offensive line is set, the skill positions are among the best of the league, and the Trestfense will be firing on a cylinders.  The question is: Can Cutler capitalize?

Let us know your thoughts on some over/unders on the following for Jay Cutler in 2014:

- Yards per game: 238.5

- Total passing TD's: 25.5

- Total passing yards: 3,700


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