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Preseason week 2: Monday Night Football open thread

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's the final game of week 2 of the preseason!  After this we'll be exactly halfway through the games that don't count, with the dress rehearsal for the regular season coming in the week 3 games.  As a reminder, the Chicago Bears visit the Seattle Seahawks on Friday (9pm CT kickoff) and then the first roster cutdowns take place on Tuesday, to a maximum of 75 players.  The Bears tend to release veterans in the first wave as a courtesy, so that may or may not be good news for the fringe player you want to see make the final 53...

But, on to tonight's game:

Cleveland at Washington

Kick-off time: 8pm EDT / 7pm CT.

Reasons to watch:

- Because it's Monday Night Football

- Because the Bears aren't playing and this is the only game on.

- Because you haven't had enough of all the Johnny Manziel coverage.  Apparently Jerruh was on the verge of drafting him, and his son Stephen - who's also the Dallas Cowboys' vice president - had to take the draft card with Manziel's name writted out of it[sic] out of his cold hands.  They're bound to talk about that tonight until someone's violently ill.

- Because our backups will play the Browns' backups in the final preseason game, a week on Saturday.

- Also, MaBear says Manziel's face looks like a scrotum.

And with that, have fun!