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Chicago Bears Training Camp 2014: August 2 Family Fest Open Thread

Another day closer to real football.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp moves up to Soldier Field tonight for Family Fest. There's no practice tomorrow (but there is the Hall of Fame Game!), but Family Fest is a pretty big thing.

We'll put together some notes from practice tonight, and if you need additional Bears news in the meantime, Spongie's Den for today has some interesting nuggets. In the meantime, enjoy practice.


Be sure to check out Sam's pre-training camp concerns and storylines and Lester's ongoing training camp battles series.

A few words from Lester, taken from last year's training camp open threads:

The website has everything you need to know about Training Camp here.

Please keep in mind that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA, so you may see a naughty word or two in the comment section. Here's a link to our community guidelines so you know what is still out of bounds. It may be an open thread, but we still should act fairly civilized, we're not Yahoos.

Now enjoy the open thread!

Steven Schweickert, quoting Spongie quoting Schweickert quoting Spongie quoting Schweickert:

Open Thread Responsibly (TM).