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Preseason week 3: Thursday Night Football open thread

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We're into the preseason games that... well, they still don't count, but they don't count the most, as starters are usually expected to play at least the first half.  The Chicago Bears don't face the Seattle Seahawks until tomorrow (9pm CT kickoff), with the first roster cutdowns due to take place on Tuesday.  On to tonight's offering...

Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles

Kick-off time: 7.30pm EDT / 6.30pm CT.

Reasons to watch:

- Because it's Thursday Night Football

- Because the Bears aren't playing and this is the only game on.

- The Bears don't play either team in the regular season but the Eagles do visit the Packers in mid-November, so it wouldn't hurt if Chip Kelly's hurry-up offense can do to Green Bay what it did to our weakened defense last season.

- To do that, though, Nick Foles will have to hold off the challenge of Mark Sanchez.  Well, not really that likely, but the Sanchize has had a 115.1 passer rating and an 81.8 completion percentage through two preseason appearances.

- Meanwhile, the Steelers are also using more of the no-huddle offense.  Expect to see Ben Roethlisberger running it tonight.

- Speaking of the Steelers' offense, their top two running backs, Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount, are dope.  Or rather, dopes.  Meanwhile, center Maurkice Pouncey has been charged with misdemeanour battery.  At least he wasn't rocking the baseball cap calling for Aaron Hernandez to be freed while doing it.

- Did you know ESPN Sports Science broke down the infamous Butt Fumble?

You could base a drinking game around whether or not there's a reference to this incident in the commentary.  Have fun!