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Phil Mushnick is a clueless dolt

The New York Post's Phil Mushnick calls Brandon Marshall a miscreant in his column from Sunday, August 16th.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case you missed it in today's Bears' Den, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the latest Phil Mushnik article. Here's the specific text I want to bring to your attention.

Showtime's ‘Inside' taps miscreant

Rinse, lather, repeat: Since his rookie year with the Broncos in 2006, talented WR Brandon Marshall, now with the Bears, has relentlessly coveted and won extra on-field TV attention through unsportsmanlike, me-first, excessive demonstrations, not to mention extra off-field attention. Frequently arrested, he eventually earned a suspension for violating the NFL's personal code of conduct.

And that must explain why of all the active NFL players that Showtime/CBS' "Inside the NFL" could this year choose as a regular player/panelist/analyst, the shot-callers chose Brandon Marshall.


Mushnick has long written things, it seems, just to rile the masses. Sometimes I wonder if he's just doing it for the sake of doing it or if he actually believes the drivel he's spewing. There's a long list of dumb things he's penned so his latest diatribe against Brandon Marshall is nothing new.

Some of what Mushnick wrote about Marshall is true. Early on in Marshall's career he was very immature, but to not recognize the changes he's made in his life the last few years is just lazy journalism or Mushnick having an ax to grind against Marshall.

At a press conference in 2011, Marshall revealed he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Prior to the diagnosis, there were plenty of brushes with the law, on field incidents and he was suspended one game in 2008 by the NFL.

Since the diagnosis...


Well, there was a nightclub incident a couple days prior to the 2012 trade that landed him in Chicago, but the matter wasn't pursued by the authorities because of lack of evidence.

During his time in Chicago, Marshall has been a model citizen, a leader in the community, an exceptional teammate and an advocate for mental illness.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when the opinion is as baseless as Mushnick's, it leads me to the following conclusion. Phil Mushnick is a clueless dolt.


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