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What to watch for: Bears-Seahawks preseason week 3

The most important of the four meaningless games is here. The third preseason game. The dress rehearsal for the regular season. The game should be a nice way for the Bears to see how they stack up against the NFL's best. Whom and what should you keep an eye on in tonight's match up?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The third preseason game is that one that fans get the most excited for because it most closely resembles a regular season game. Sure the game plan still isn't as sophisticated they are in the regular season but the starters will play into the second half and the two teams will have their best foot forward.

The Bears have two wins so far in the preseason and in each game there have been some high points and some low points. The defense remains an unknown after two contests, while they managed to play pretty well against the Eagles in the opening game, they struggled against the lowly Jaguars last week.

The D has quite a test for them this week against Russell Wilson, Beast Mode and Co. The offense has to try and score on what many consider to be the league's best defense. So what should be watched? Read on...

Linebackers: This pretty much goes without saying at this point, as these guys have become one of the two most-discussed positions on the defense. While Steve Ronkowski pointed out that Shea McClellin played better against the Jags, he struggled in the first outing. Pay close attention to the group's gap discipline and how they defend the Seahawks' bootlegs, something that Mel Tucker said that they needed to work on and something Seattle runs very well.

Chris Conte: The most-hated safety in Chicago will make his preseason debut tonight. How will he look? Will he look rusty? Will he show that he actually deserves another shot at the starting job and begin his revenge tour?

Kick/punt returns: Will someone, anyone, please at least try to look like they would like to return kicks? Will someone look they want to try to catch and run with the ball? That would be great.

Jay Cutler: Is the new, more efficient, more improved, year two of the same offense Jay really here? What better way to find out than against the best secondary in football. Can he avoid mistakes like ugly interceptions? Can he keep his newfound mechanical goodness going in the face of the 'Hawks' fierce pass rush?

Richard Sherman: No he isn't on the Bears but he is the so-called best cornerback in the league, so watch the master at work against the Bears' two-headed monster. See who comes out on top in Sherman vs. Marshall and Sherman vs. Jeffery, assuming he matches up against each at some point.

Third WR: New Bear Santonio Holmes might not play or might not play much, but he is worth watching if he does find the field. However, keep tabs on Josh Morgan who is still the favorite to land the No. 3 job as well as Chris Williams who may return from a hamstring injury.

Penalties: The Bears have been flagged, a lot, during their first two games and head coach Marc Trestman hates penalties. Let's see if the team can clean it up a little bit as the players adjust to the referees' "calls of emphasis" and just in general get closer to playing in real game situations.

Run defense: Can the Bears show that they can slow down Marshawn Lynch and Co.? The run defense was the biggest problem last season and the results have been mixed so far. Get a couple short-yardage stops and not let any 15-20 yard bursts would be a great game in my eyes.

Run offense: Through two (admittedly brief) preseason appearances Matt Forte is averaging -1 yards-per-carry. Let's see if a little more time on the field and a little bit more of an offensive game plan can get the running game going.

What will you be watching for tonight?