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Preseason football week 3: Friday night non-Bears games open thread

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Go Jags, go / Go Jags, go / Hey Jacksonville, whaddya say / We have a giant scoreboard, yay

Al Messerschmidt

Week 3 of the preseason is all go!  The Bears don't kick off until the late, late game tonight (9pm CT, 3am my time); if you need to refresh your mind on what to look forward to, have a look at WCG's Bears-Seahawks roundup.  The Bears Den has been updated with more game previews since this morning, too.

Other games are taking place, and if you decide to partake then you can choose from...


Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions

Kick-off time: 7.30pm EDT / 6.30pm CT

Reason to watch: One is a complete trainwreck of a franchise, and the other is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Ahthankyew.

We go to our divisional rival in game 12 (the early Thanksgiving game, Thursday 27th November) and host them for the return bout in game 15 (Sunday 21st December).  Will their first-team defense look any better against the mighty Chad Henne-led Jaguars?  What kind of shape will Nick Fairley be in?  Hey, round is a shape!


Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots

Kick-off time: 7.30pm EDT / 6.30pm CT

Reason to watch: We visit both of these teams during the regular season, the former in game 5 (Sunday 5th October) and the latter in game 8 (Sunday 26th October).  It's probably fair to expect the Patriots will at least have an offense worth worrying about, but will Riverboat Ron be able to say the same?


New York Giants at New York Jets

Kick-off time: 7.30pm EDT / 6.30pm CT

Reason to watch: We visit the Jets early on, in our week 3 Monday Night game (Monday 22nd September).  What chance an underwhelming Michael Vick will have replaced an underwhelming Geno Smith by then?  Plus, it's kind of fun to watch Eli Manning's struggles.


Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers

Kick-off time: 8pm EDT / 7pm CT

Reason to watch: We host our divisional rivals in week 4 (Sunday 28th September) and travel to Lambeau after our bye week, in game 9 (Sunday 9th November, national game).  Like it or not, as long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy, these two contests are likely to determine the division.


We'll have Bears-specific threads up closer to gametime.  In the meantime, start off your weekend here and have fun!