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Bears Roster Analysis 2014: Live Stream Discusses Roster Cuts and 53-Man Roster Predictions

Today marks the first WCG Stream of the 2014 season. We'll be discussing the preseason and the roster as it stands (and as it will likely stand).

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

If you're new to Windy City Gridiron this season, on Sunday mornings during the season we do a pre-game show to discuss the Bears' upcoming opponent, the past game, and give our thoughts on the team, and because we run it through Twitch we play some Madden in the background and generally have a good time with it.

Today, it may no longer be morning, but we bring you the first edition of the 2014 live streams. Consider it a warmup to the regular season as well as a discussion of some important things that happened yesterday.

Below is the video of the live stream; my colleague Sam and I will be giving our impressions of the Bears so far during pre-season, discussing the roster cuts of Michael Ford, Nate Collins and Adrian Wilson, and working our way down to our 53-man roster predictions.

If you have questions, comments, or other words to toss our way, you can do so in three ways.

  1. Here, in this very comment section;
  2. Over in the comments of my Twitch channel (
  3. Over on either of our Twitter accounts (@SJS_illini, @SamHouseholder)

The stream will go live at 6 PM Central/7 PM Eastern. We'll see you all then. [Rewatch Link]

Watch live video from SJS_illini on Twitch