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2014 NFL Predictions: Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports has the Chicago Bears at 8-8

With the season fast approaching, various NFL Experts have begun weighing in on their 2014 predictions. Here's how Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports has the season shaping up.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears' fans aren't going to like Pat Kirwan's 2014 NFL season prediction. Not only does he have the Bears missing the playoffs at 8-8, but he has the hated Green Bay Packers winning the NFC North at 11-5. He also has the Packers winning the NFC Championship, but at least he has them losing in the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots in a rematch of SBXXXI.

Here's what he said about the Bears.

I might have this team undervalued with all the offensive weapons they have, but that Bears defense needs to make big strides.

The team is bringing back the same offensive weapons as last year's 8-8 squad, so one would hope there would be an improvement from year one of the Marc Trestman offense to year two of the TCO. It's hard to gauge too much off the preseason, so we'll have to see how it's clicking once the games count.

And defensively, it's easy as Bears fans to say 'it can't get any worse', but it could. I sure as Hell hope it doesn't, but injures happen. The Bears did a lot this of off season to upgrade their defensive line, but until we see how they gel, it's really hard to say.

The linebacking unit has to come around, the secondary has to all be on the same page, and the veteran former Pro Bowlers on the defensive line need to play close to that level.

All us writers at Windy City Gridiron will reveal our 2014 predictions soon, but I'll give a teaser right now. I think this Bears team will be in the playoffs.

What are your thoughts on Kirwan's predictions?