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Stephen White: Chicago Bears could win Super Bowl this season

Despite the woes being thrown in bunches by many Bears fans this preseason, at least one former NFL player thinks Chicago could be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy next February.

Otto Greule Jr

If you were to ask 1,000 random NFL fans who they thought would win the Super Bowl this season, odds are not very many of them would say the Chicago Bears.  And of the very few that might say Chicago, probably most of them would be Bears fans.

But one former NFL player, retired defensive end Stephen White, thinks Chicago could have all the pieces necessary to go all the way.

As long as the [defensive] back end doesn't totally implode, this defense should end the season at least around the middle of the pack. If the Bears would've had a middle of the pack defense last year, they probably would've made the playoffs and maybe even hosted a game.


Because of that almighty Marc Trestman offense.

In his article, White identifies the many changes that have been made on the defensive side of the ball, and makes a pretty solid case on how the offense can carry the team as long as the defense doesn't screw anything up.

In a way, this is very much a Twilight Zone thought process, considering for years and years the defense carried the team in hopes that the offense didn't completely poop the bed.

But a shift in paradigm has been in the works since Phil Emery took over as General Manager, and while it hasn't been an easy path to take, the Bears could be lining up for a championship run in their near future.  Could it be as soon as this coming February?  Stay tuned...