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2014 Preseason Week 4: Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns & Others Live Blog

The Bears take on the Browns, and everyone else takes on everyone else in this last game before the Regular Season.

Pictured: Jay Cutler. (Not playing)
Pictured: Jay Cutler. (Not playing)
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The real thing begins next Thursday, with the Packers (hopefully) losing to the Seahawks.

Until then, this nonsense will have to tide us over.

Rookie quarterback David Fales leads the Chicago Bears to Cleveland to take on Hoyer, Manziel, and the rest of the Dawg pound.

Some questions to ask:

Can Fales play his way into the 2nd QB slot? (No)

Will the Bears attempt to make the Browns offense look really good? (Probably)

Will the fourth quarter of this game be the longest stretch of football this year? (Most definitely)

Hang out with us below as we talk about this game, and the flashes we see from undrafted rookies that will very likely not have jobs by this time tomorrow. Stay as we marvel at the prowess of guys you've never heard of.

And let's find out if Jordan Lynch can do enough to impress. (He'll probably be put on the practice squad next week.)