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Preseason Week 4: Browns lead Bears at halftime Score 17-13 Second Half Open Thread

The Bears trail the Browns by 4 at the half.

Jason Miller

David Fales at the half:


129 yards

1 TD

That's not so bad, as he saw the Cleveland first string defense for a while. Johnny Manziel is running all over the place , but the Bears have held him to 1 TD, and 1 FG since he's been in the game.

Some random thoughts:

  • Santonio Holmes probably made this team today.
  • Will the second half  be the Jordan Lynch show?
  • Josh Bellamy really wants to be on this team.
  • I had three seconds left in this fantasy draft, and accidentally drafted Stevan Ridley.  Is there some kind of fantasy shame tower I should be in?
  • Some other guy drafted Matt Prater.
  • No one read or cared about the last two points.
  • Hurst probably didn't get himself very far with that dumb penalty.
  • Seriously, Santonio Holmes probably just made this team

Stick with us for the rest of the game, and Schweicks will have a recap for you afterwards.  Have fun, and Bear Down.