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Chicago Bears Training Camp 2014: August 2 Recap

The Bears held Family Fest last night at Soldier Field; here's what went down at practice.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Family Fest came and went, and the Bears' public practice at Soldier Field had its own share of interesting developments.

First off, a few of the Bears who weren't practicing last night.

However, someone was suited up for the first time...

Please no.

Shuffling of deck chairs, progress being made, or the state of the position?

Look who's getting more playing time.

Developmental prospect Willie Young.

Christian Jones may be making some moves...

Or not.

Punter controversy!

I guess, for a practice, I'll allow it.

This is a good offensive development.

Autocorrect wins again. Although a little proofing would be good...

So a bit of a quieter day, but still some interesting things coming out of practice. With an off day today, what caught your eye?