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2014 NFL Predictions: Pete Prisco Of CBS Sports has the Chicago Bears 7-8-1

On Wednesday we looked at how Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports had the Chicago Bears finishing the 2014 season and today it's his colleague Pete Pricso's turn to predict. He picks the score of every single game in the NFL and he also has the Bears missing the playoffs.

Otto Greule Jr

Many of you were unhappy with Wednesday's look at Pat Kirwan's 2014 NFL predictions. He had  the Chicago Bears going 8-8 and missing the postseason. His fellow NFL expert at CBS Sports, Pete Prisco, actually predicts every single game of the NFL season, but his picks won't excite any Bears fans either. Here's how he has the 2014 playing out for the Bears.

1 - Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears -- Bears 23, Bills 10
2 - Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers -- 49ers 25, Bears 21
3 - Chicago Bears at New York Jets - Jets 27, Bears 7
4 - Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears -- Bears 40, Packers 32
5 - Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers -- Panthers 30, Bears 28
6 - Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons -- Falcons 27, Bears 24
7 - Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears -- Bears 31, Dolphins 13
8 - Chicago Bears at New England Patriots -- Patriots 43, Bears 21
10 - Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers -- Packers 34, Bears 27
11 - Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears -- Bears 41, Vikings 20
12 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears -- Bears 26, Bucs 26
13 - Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions -- Lions 34, Bears 31
14 - Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears -- Bears 42, Cowboys 28
15 - New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears -- Bears 27, Saints 20
16 - Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears -- Bears 54, Lions 11
17 - Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings -- Vikings 42, Bears 17

That's seven wins, eight losses and a tie. Yes, a tie. And why did Pricso give the Bears a tie that week?

There will also be a tie. The Bucs and Bears will tie, just like we had last year in Week 12.

Ah, that's completely logical. Week 12 is the "tie" week now.

He has the Bears scoring 460 points, up from 445 last season and he has them allowing 422 points which is an improvement from last year's 478.

So with an improved offense and defense he believes the Bears end up with a losing record.

I don't want to get to nit-picky, but he has the 3 win Vikings dropping 42 on the Bears in week 17 to nab their 4th win?

He has the Jets holding the Bears O to a single tuddy?

What are your thoughts on his week to week predictions? And just in case you missed it, you may like this prediction better. SB Nation's Stephen White believes the Bears could be in the Super Bowl.