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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

FOOTBALL IS BACK! OK, it was only a preseason game, but it's still real NFL football!

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1) The light bulb goes on for players at different times, so maybe former Chicago Bears and current Buffalo Bills 4th string defensive tackle Landon Cohen is ready to take his game to the next level. Cohen had Twitter buzzing last night while on his way to four tackles and he even had a sack negated by a penalty.

Then again he was playing against guys that will be out of the NFL in a couple of weeks.

Just how forgettable was Cohen's 2013 season for the Bears? Pro Football Focus, a service that grades each and every play in the NFL, wrote this about his Hall Of Fame Game performance.

Since he entered the league with the Lions in 2008, Landon Cohen has bounced around more than a quarter of the NFL's teams. Buffalo marks the ninth stop on his NFL tour and after a poor season with the Cowboys last year (-16.4 overall) he needs a strong preseason to get another go round and he certainly started well.

The Dallas Cowboys cut him last September 16th after playing just two games, but he played 13 games for the Bears last year. I can understand PFF overlooking his time in Chicago; Bears fans are trying to do the same.

2) I wonder how many fantasy football players are quickly moving New York Giants rookie running back Andre Williams up their draft boards? The fourth rounder had 48 yards on just seven carries and a TD.

3) Bills fans really, really hate Jon Bon Jovi, and at least one recent Hall Of Fame Bill feels the same.

Andre Reed, how how do you feel about Jon Bon Jovi buying the Bills?

"Man, f--- Bon Jovi! You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river, and let it go down Niagara Falls,"

4) How cool was it to see Jim Kelly throw that pass to Reed after his Hall Of Fame acceptance speech?

For those not aware, Kelly has spent the last 14 months battling cancer.

And here's a much friendlier quote from Reed, this time about his former teammate Kelly.

"You taught us not to quit," Reed said, referring to Kelly. "You have endured a lot in your life. The loss of your son, and most recently your battle with cancer. You're an inspiration to all you touch."

5) Andy Dalton got paid. It appears like the contract's structure will be similar to recent quarterback deals where there's a healthy guarantee and a potential to make $100 million plus, but it's gives the team an out after a certain number of years. Dalton may not be a superstar, but he's a player you can win with.

6) After the Green Bay Packers were wishy-washy in regards to retiring Brett Favre's #4 just a couple of weeks ago, the team is now ready to give one of the all time greats his day in the sun. Only it'll be next year.

If there are some Green Bay fans that still hold him in contempt, the announcing of this now will give them plenty of time to get over it.

7) The San Francisco 49ers will not discuss a new contract with head coach Jim Harbaugh until the season ends. This got me to thinking just how much Harbaugh makes this year. According to this site, Harbaugh ranks 13th among his peers at $5 million, just ahead of the 14th ranked Marc Trestman at $4 million.

I think Harbaugh deserves a raise.

I also have a feeling Harbaugh and the Niners part ways after this season.

8) Johnny Manziel took all the first team reps today for the Cleveland Browns. Regardless of your feelings towards Johnny Football, you have to realize that it makes the most sense to start him as soon as he shows he's ready.

9) If there's one player in the NFL that has his facial expressions and body language dissected as much as Jay Cutler, it's Eli Manning.

SB Nation pointed out the first Eli Manning face of 2014, and it's epic.

10) The fact that the Bears keep rotating their safeties tells me they don't really like any of them. I'd like to see someone step up in this Friday's preseason game and stand out from the pack.