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Chicago Bears fine and suspend Martellus Bennett

Yesterday's scuffle between tight end Martellus Bennett and cornerback Kyle Fuller has resulted in Bennett being fined and suspended by the Chicago Bears.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

If you have yet to see the video of the altercation between Martellus Bennett and Kyle Fuller you can check it out below. (From the Chicago Sun Times)

Initial reports of a WWE style body slam lead me to believe those reporting have never seen the WWE. Bennett was pissed at what he felt was an unnecessary take down during practice, and he violently threw Fuller to the turf. In a game day situation the act would have drawn a flag, it could have led to an ejection and the league office would have looked into suspending Bennett.

Fuller was only trying to strip the ball, like he's taught by Bears coaches, but it was an awkward fall by Bennett.

Perhaps Bennett was slightly embarrassed with the ease a 6', 190 pound rookie could pull down his 6'6" 265 pound frame.

Perhaps Bennett's flippant attitude after the fact saying he could "afford" any fine coming his way helped the Bears come to their conclusion.

Perhaps this will all be forgotten once the season starts and Bennett is helping the offense reach new heights.

Bennett is a big part of the 2014 Chicago Bears, but a message had to be sent. Pushing and shoving during practice is one thing, but don't allow your actions to endanger a teammate.

What are your thoughts on the suspension?