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Chicago Bears training camp 2014: August 06 open thread

Final open practice prior to Friday's preseason opener against the Eagles. It's Bourbonnais... oh... ais... oh.....


Yesterday's training camp on-field action wasn't as drama-filled as Monday's, but things blew up 20 minutes in when Phil Emery met the media to announce Martellus Bennett had been fined and suspended "indefinitely" for conduct detrimental to the team. Other stuff happened too, such as Isaiah Frey limping off with a leg injury and the Bears starting to work out different combinations of wide receivers now that Marquess Wilson is out.

The team announced the signing of wide receiver Greg Herd last night, quashing (for the time being, at least) any notion that Earl Bennett could be tempted back to join Jay Cutler and crew.  If you missed anything from the last 24 hours, feel free to take a peek at yesterday's open thread, a gander at the practice recap, or a gawk at the latest edition of the Bears Den.

Today's practice is the final one open to the public before Friday's preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Just think: the next time you see the Bears, they'll be hitting guys in Eagles uniforms at Soldier Field. Game on.

We'll have the usual recap to follow the conclusion of practice.  Walla!


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A few words from Lester, taken from last year's training camp open threads:

The website has everything you need to know about Training Camp here.

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Now enjoy the open thread!

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