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Preseason football week 1: Thursday night games open thread

Among other storylines, DT Henry Melton (now with the Cowboys) looks to return from the knee injury that was part of what decimated the Bears' defense last season.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, preseason.  The Bears don't play until tomorrow - if you haven't already done so you can check out Steven Schweickert's preview here, and Kev's Q&A session with the Eagles SBN site here, as well as his answers to their questions on their site - but, if you're interested, tonight's games are:

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets, 7pm EDT

Reason to watch: We face the Jets in their stadium in week 3 of the regular season (Monday Night Football, 22nd Sept).  Geno Smith has reportedly been Geno Smithing it up at quarterback; will Michael Vick get a shot a re-reviving his career?

New England Patriots at Washington, 7.30pm EDT

Reason to watch: Another team that we'll visit, this time the Patriots at noon on Sunday 26th October in the 8th game of the season (and just before our bye week).  Will Rob Gronkowski or Danny Amendola get injured to start the preseason?

San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens, 7.30pm EDT

Reason to watch: We visit the 49ers for the inaugural game of their shiny new stadium in week 2 (Sunday night game, 14th September).  Plus, unless they've been suspended for preseason games, tonight could see a drive or two of a woman-punching running back (Ray Rice) lined up against a a gun-totin', bomb-threat-making linebacker (Aldon Smith).

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs, 8pm EDT

Reason to watch: Early on, it'll be the battle of quarterbacks who have been compared to Jay Cutler in terms of the contract they sought (Andy Dalton)/still seek (Alex Smith).

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos, 9pm EDT

Reason to watch: Rematch of the Super Bowl; we play the Seahawks in preseason game 3 (Friday 22nd August) which, of course, is the one that sees the most extensive playing time from the starters.

Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers, 10pm EDT

Reason to watch: The Cowboys visit Soldier Field in game 13 (Thursday 4th December); Henry Melton's return from injury.

Plenty to whet your appetite before we see our Bears in action.  Have fun, and Open Thread responsibly (TM).