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Preseason football week 1: Pre-Game/Non-Bears Open Thread

2014's novelty hit: Josh McCown digital egg timers.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

'Cause it's Friiiday, and you ain't got nothin' to do... nothing that's more important than the first taste of Bears this (pre)season, that is.  Things don't kick off in Soldier Field until 7pm CT / 8pm EDT so, in the meantime, maybe you'll tune in to one of the other games:

Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons, 7pm EDT

Reason to watch: We visit the Falcons in week 6 (Sunday 12th October) and host the Dolphins a week later (Sunday 19th October). The Bears have yet to kick off.

Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers, 7.30pm EDT

Reason to watch: The Bills at Soldier field is our regular season opener on Sunday September 7th; we also visit Riverboat Ron's team in week 5 (Sunday October 5th). The Bears have yet to kick off.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars, 7.30pm EDT

Reason to watch: Lovie Smith, Josh McCown and Major Wright return to Soldier field in game 11 (Sunday 23rd November) in what's sure to be a massive game.  As for Jacksonville... er... it's your first opportunity to see the massive scoreboard they've just put up? The Bears have yet to kick off.

New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams, 8pm EDT

Reason to watch: The Saints come to Chicago in week 14 (Monday 15th December).  The Rams took Aaron Donald one place ahead of us in the draft. None.  The Bears will have kicked off.

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings, 8pm EDT

Reason to watch: You're a really, really big fan of Nick Roach; divisional rival and the chance to catch a glimpse of the possible next QB of the future, Teddy Bridgewater. None.  The Bears are in action.  Or, you could be Mr Rence, I suppose.

While you're waiting for the real event, you can get set for Bears-Eagles by checking out Steven Schweickert's preview here, Kev's Q&A session with the Eagles SBN site here, his answers to their questions here, Lester's updated look at Bears position battles here, Sam's list of things to watch out for in tonight's game here, and find out how to follow the game here.  Oh, and a roundup of Bears news and whatnot in today's Den here (updated since this morning with even more game preview links).  You can't say we don't have you covered.

There'll be a separate pregame open thread up in an hour or so for the Bears game.