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Bears vs. Eagles Final Score: Offense Hot as Bears Defeat Eagles

The Bears beat the Eagles, 34-28, in their preseason opener.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

In a way, that felt like a real NFL game. Only with a lot of backups.

There's a lot of good to take from the game, as well as a bit of bad, but the Bears' offense had a lot of good. Three of the Bears' four quarterbacks threw a touchdown pass (Jimmy Clausen threw a pair of them). The offense only allowed a single sack, on Jordan Palmer in the second quarter. Clausen and Jay Cutler both finished with a quarterback rating above 100. And the Bears won 34-28.

The scoring started off with Cutler finding Zach Miller for a touchdown the drive following a tipped Robbie Gould field goal. Miller would be found one more time by Palmer in the second quarter. Around that, the Eagles went to running back Matthew Tucker twice for short-yardage touchdowns, and Josh Huff gave the Bears' special teams unit a nasty mark as he ran the Eagles into a 21-14 lead at halftime.

But after a Gould field goal and a perfectly executed screen pass by the Eagles for a touchdown, Clausen found Chris Williams deep for 73 yards and a touchdown (as well as a hamstring injury sending Williams out for the rest of the day), and then scrambling for 16 yards and a first down before finding Michael Spurlock for 22 yards and a touchdown. Gould capped the scoring with his field goal at the two minute warning.

We'll have more on tonight's game with Notes in the morning, including the Bears' three interceptions. For now, enjoy the win, and tell us, who do you think helped themselves most in tonight's game?

Bears Quick Stats:
Jay Cutler: 9/13, 85 yards, TD - 112.7 QB Rating
Jimmy Clausen: 7/13, 150 yards, 2 TD - 134.6 QB Rating

Matt Forte: 3 carries, -5 yards
Zach Miller: 6 receptions, 68 yards, 2 TD
Chris Williams: 2 receptions, 78 yards, TD
Brandon Marshall: 5 receptions, 31 yards
Michael Spurlock: 4 receptions, 56 yards, TD

Eagles Quick Stats:
Nick Foles: 6/9, 44 yards - 38.4 QB Rating
Mark Sanchez: 7/10, 79 yards - 93.3 QB Rating
G.J. Kinne: 8/10, 103 yards - 109.6 QB Rating

Matthew Tucker: 8 carries, 40 yards, 2 TD
Zach Ertz: 4 receptions, 60 yards
David Fluellen: 1 reception, 14 yards, TD