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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

This has been an interesting start to the 2014 NFL season...

Andy Lyons

1) In last week's Thoughts, we talked about Cincinnati Bengals practice squader, and now proud member of their active roster, Devon Still. Still is the player the Bengals gave another chance to, in part, because his daughter has cancer. The Bengals are selling his #75 jersey with all proceeds going to Cincinnati Children's Hospital and other pediatric cancer research efforts.

New Orleans head coach Sean Payton dropped about $10,000 himself when he bought 100 of Still's jerseys. That's awesome.

In case you're wondering, Still received 16 snaps in their 24-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons, picking up 2 tackles and an assist.

2) Speaking of the Saints, did anyone have them opening 0-2?

I picked them for the Super Bowl. :(

3) Is Darren Sproles getting better with age?

4) I have no words.

5) The Buffalo Bills may be better than some were predicting.

6) The Oakland Raiders ladies and gentlemen.


7) With the time out called by the New York Jets that shouldn't have been a time out, I wonder if we'll see some sort of change to the rule. The rule states that only the head coach can call time out, so perhaps they should institute a buzzer for him to press or another flag for him to throw to go along with his verbal call. There's no way the ref can have his eyes peeled on the field and also know exactly who is making a time out call on the sidelines.

8) Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman wasn't the only high profile player to get hurt in week two. Saints running back Mark Ingram will miss a month with a broken hand. High ankle sprains will shelve Jags TE Marcedes Lewis and K.C.'s Jamaal Charles. San Diego RB Ryan Mathews will miss about a month with a knee injury. Washington's Robert Griffin III dislocated his ankle.

I'm sure it's more common that I think, but I don't remember a weekend with so many players going down.

9) Revel in the glory that is Brandon Marshall.

10) One man kept the faith in The Beloved.

And some people wonder why Ditka is so loved in Chicago.


I thought about giving my thoughts on the Adrian Peterson situation, but I didn't want this entire thread to turn into a debate on child abuse vs discipline. If you truly want to discuss that you can head over to our sister site, the Daily Norseman. They cover the Minnesota Vikings and they've been all over the Peterson story.

But since this is our 'NFL Thoughts', and the story has been so prevalent all week, I expect some discussion on the subject to take place in our comment threads.

Keep in mind that not everyone will agree with your stance on abuse and/or discipline.

Also keep in mind that you may be banned from Windy City Gridiron if your debate turns into name calling or personal attacks on WCG members.