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Accusation of cover up in past Brandon Marshall domestic violence incident

Earlier today attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference about an allegation of domestic violence in the NFL. The news conference centered on some 2007-08 incidents by current Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who was then a member of the Denver Broncos.


Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has a long history of domestic violence. That's a fact.

Another fact is that he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in 2011, and since his diagnosis, Marshall hasn't run afoul of the law.

Earlier today the following tweet was sent which put the NFL on notice.

At the press conference it was revealed that the player in question was current Chicago Bear and former Denver Bronco Brandon Marshall. The incidents in question were from 2007 and 2008.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gave Marshall a three game suspension in 2008 for drunk driving and a domestic violence arrest. Marshall appealed, and won, thus reducing the three game suspension to one game.

In the above statement from Clarence Watley, father of Marshall's ex-girlfriend Rasheedah Watley, he accuses the Denver Broncos of handling the entire situation "shabbily and unprofessionally" and that they "ignored and allowed Mr. Marshall's behavior to go on for 3 years unchecked with no interest in the safety or well-being" of his daughter.

He holds the Broncos "accountable and maintain that they were a contributing factor to this ongoing abuse," and he accuses the Broncos of having a "total disregard" for his daughter and her life.

Mr. Watley asks Roger Goodell to resign as commissioner and states his belief that the NFL should adopt the suggestions from attorney Gloria Allred for a fairer process in domestic violence cases.

Gloria Allred accuses Goodell and the NFL of covering up the incidents between Marshall and Watley, lying about his intent to investigate, and claims that the "NFL does not afford due process to women and children who are victims."

Allred has no lawsuits planned against the NFL and they aren't seeking any damages. What they are seeking is a culture change for the NFL.


Just in case you missed it, here's James Brown's monologue on domestic violence.

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