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Brandon Marshall on the current climate of the NFL: "I think it's a shame"

Yesterday, the past of Chicago Bears' wide receiver Brandon Marshall was at the center of the press conference called by attorney Gloria Allred. Today Marshall called a press conference to speak on a number of items.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday attorney Gloria Allred called a press conference to expose a domestic violence cover up by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Denver Broncos. At the center of the cover up was current Chicago Bears wide receiver and former Bronco Brandon Marshall.

Earlier today Marshall met the media with a 12 page handout documenting his past, a past that Marshall has never run from and a past that he felt the need to address again today. The handout was full of stuff that has been public record for several years.

At the press conference Marshall talked about his household growing up, being raised by a mother that was abused physically, emotionally and sexually. The abuse contributed to his mother becoming an alcoholic. Marshall

He saw how it affected his family and he saw how it affected this generation.

Marshall also expressed anger over the ESPN E:60 special that aired on Monday. He was told it would be about his foundation and his efforts to raise awareness for mental heath, and it was none of that.

"I try not to get defensive, but I am. ESPN shot that two years ago and acted like it was shot today. It pissed me off."

He asked ESPN for an apology and asked them to apologize to his wife.

Marshall recounts a meeting he had with Roger Goodell.

Marshall says he believes in second chances.

Some of what Marshall revealed in his handout was directly related to the Allred press conference from yesterday.

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