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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears in the Top 10

With a new season upon us, we have a fresh set of NFL Power Rankings to pour over. Where will the masses have the Chicago Bears to begin the 2014 season? Would you believe a few NFL experts have the Bears in the top 10?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Where would you have the Chicago Bears ranked this season? Top 10? Middle of the road? Bottom of the barrel?

Each week we'll take a peek at handful of NFL Power Rankings from around the internet.

We'll kick things off today with the Mothership, SB Nation, who has the Bears in the Top 10 at number nine.

We know this offense can score points in bunches. It was the defense that cost Chicago an NFC North title. They spent big bucks in free agency and a ton of draft capital to improve that unit. Will it be enough for a playoff run in Marc Trestman's second season at the helm?

Yes, I think it will.

Over at the Philadelphia Eagles' SB Nation site, Bleeding Green Nation, they not only have the Bears in the top 10, but they reference the Marc Trestman offense in a way that may anger some...

10) Chicago Bears - I'm a big believer in the Trest Coast Offense. The Chicago defense is not without question marks but there's no way it can be as bad as last season. Right?

The bold was mine... Sorry Kev.

TCO is a thing...

It's good to see the Mile High Report is still suffering from spurned lover syndrome when it comes to Jay Cutler. Let it go guys, the Broncos traded Jay back in 2009. You've got Peyton Manning and you've been to a Super Bowl.

It's hard to get excited about the Chicago Bears when Jay Cutler is the quarterback. The guy seems to know how to extricate a team from playoff contention in the final weeks better than any quarterback I've ever seen. Still, the weapons on offense should at least guarantee ten wins here, but ...

Is the Smokin' Jay Cutler thing still a thing?

Oh by the way, they have the Bears ranked at #10.

Over at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner they also have the Bears at #10.

I could flip back on the Bears if it turns out they were just holding everything back on defense in the preseason and that unit is actually competent.

A few others aren't as optimistic when it comes to the Bears...

Last week we looked at Pat Kirwan's season prediction for the Bears, so we shouldn't expect him to have the Bears very high in his inaugural power rankings of 2014.

Chicago Bears: The Bears offense is dangerous and should even be better this year, but that defense has to improve or this team will fall short of the playoffs.

Kirwan's CBS Sports cohort, Pete Prisco, also dropped his first NFL power ranking today. I wonder if he'll have any ties?

14 - We know they will score on offense. But have they done enough to improve the defense in a division with those explosive offenses in Green Bay and Detroit?

Bears check in at 15 according to FOX Sports.

The offense has a chance to make strides as they enter year two in Marc Trestman's heralded system, but they will need to hold on an offensive line that has looked shaky at times this preseason.

Over at Newsday they have the Bears way down at 19!

A more mature Jay Cutler? A bona fide team leader? He'd better be after that $127-million contract.

We check out Walter Football every draft season, but it appears they also do Power Rankings and they have the Bears at 14.

According to Chad Millman, many "wise guys" like the Bears to go under their posted win total. A guest of his, a guy who sells computer picks, said the same thing. I would disagree with all of them if I knew Jay Cutler could stay healthy. However, Cutler isn't making it through 16 games, and neither Jordan Palmer nor Jimmy Clausen is Josh McCown. Oh, and I'm also worried about Brandon Marshall flying out to New York every Tuesday to film some TV show. How could the Bears allow this to happen? The jet lag will definitely add up for Marshall, who will slow down at the end of the season.

He's right. Jordan Palmer is not Josh McCown, but he's also not employed by the Bears anymore. And about that jet lag thing?

The plan calls for Marshall to fly on a private plane to New York on Tuesday mornings, tape the show and hop back on the plane to return home by late afternoon/early evening.

"It's a fun show," ShowtimeSports general manager Stephen Espinoza said. "It's not a taxing day."

There are contingency plans in place if there are weather issues regarding flying; if Marshall needs to stay in Chicago for treatment for an injury; and for the weeks the Bears play Monday and Thursday games. In those cases, he could do the show via satellite from the Bears' studios at Halas Hall.

"Brandon has made it clear that his performance on the field is No. 1, 2 and 3 priority," Espinoza said. "We're clear on that as well."

Taking a two hour flight on a private plane doesn't seem very taxing to me.

What are your thoughts on the power rankings this week?