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Chicago Bears on-the-field leaders: Offense and Defense

Focus and on-field leadership are the topic of this week's Marshall Faulk question.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

For more than a decade, Olin Kreutz and Brian Urlacher were the offensive and defensive field-generals for the Chicago Bears, a fact that was widely-known and never disputed.

Among all of the changes we have seen over the last couple years in Chicago, including weekly appointment of team captains, there is a lot of new blood on the field.  Of course, there are a few guys who have been here for years, but none of them with Kreutz and Urlacher's presence.

When considering Marshall Faulk's question about on-the-field focus and leadership, who would you say has replaced Kreutz and Urlacher? The simple answer would be Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs, but that could be easily debated.

Think about the new guys, and the established veterans, and who you think are the new field-generals for the Bears.

Who comes to mind?

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